Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Clip Art samples from Dover

Lots of wonderful free samples from Dover Publications to help you celebrate Halloween in scrapping style!

Also, you can send free Halloween e-cards from Dover with fun vintage designs.

Happy Halloween!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Halloween Freebie!

Love these darling Halloween treat bag freebies from Heather Ann Designs!

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Friday, October 28, 2005

Almost Halloween!

This picture makes me smile! Gardner Village always has an amazing display of witches every year and I got to spend an afternoon there with my mom and my kids. Good times!

I can't wait to work on some Halloween layouts. I've come down with a nasty sinus infection so I had to slow down a bit. I was really starting to get on a roll and it felt so good to be finishing layouts for my son. I really want to keep up the momentum. It has been such a wonderful experience to read all the responses from my post the other day at 2Peas. All the feedback has given me such a boost! Sincere thanks to everyone who posted a reply.

3 days until Halloween...get your cameras ready!

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Digital Downloads from Simple Scrapbooks

Ok, so I can hardly wait til Digital Scrapbooking 4 comes out in November, but at least they are giving us access to the downloads now! Yay! You can download some great freebies and also find a lot of wonderful links about Digital Scrapbooking right here.

Happy Digital Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Christmas Candy Freebie

This is so cute! Download it here

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bingham Copper Mine - 2 pg layout

Getting pages done and enjoying the process!

Here is a 2 page layout about our summer field trip to the Bingham Copper Mine for my son's album. This place is amazing! It is one of 2 man-made structures that can be seen from outer space. (the other one is the great wall of China.)

If you are ever in the Salt Lake area it is worth a trip up Bingham Canyon to see this!

Papers are from Cottage Arts Dad Pack.
Brads are from Shabby Princess Shabby Smiles pack.
large font is 3D noise. Journaling font is Avante Garde BT.

Journaling reads:
Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine has produced more copper than any mine in history -- about 17 million tons.

The mine is 2-1/2 miles across at the top and 3/4 of a mile deep. You could stack two Sears Towers on top of each other and still not reach the top of the mine.

The mine is so big, it can be seen by the space shuttle astronauts as they pass over the United States.

Field Trip to the Copper Mine
It seems like you can learn so much by simply visiting a new place. The copper mine was so amazing and although it scared you a little at first, you enjoyed the experience. There was a lot to learn about in the visitor’s center and the short film about mining was very interesting. You were most excited about the gift shop and making a stretched penny for your collection. What a wonderfully educational way to spend a summer day with your mom and sister.

I also posted the layout on 2Peas

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Keeping it simple and getting pages done!

I'm keeping it simple and getting pages done for my son. (See my previous post)

This was such a fun evening for us that it brought me great joy to scrap it, made me relive it all over again. That is one of my favorite benefits of scrapbooking.

I just used some color blocking with a light burlap texture to make my background papers. The baseballs are stamps from Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9. The fonts are Baskerville Old Face and Script MT Bold.

Journaling reads:
Dad decided to surprise us all one family night by taking us to a Salt Lake Stingers Baseball game! We had great seats and Dad treated us to Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches and a big bag of Kettle Corn. Of course you brought your GBA pack with you but it was several innings into the game before you needed it. You were very interested in the game and seemed to genuinely enjoy being there. We stayed until the 7th inning so we could sing “Take me out to the ball game!” which you sang with all your might. It was definitely a family night to remember!

See the layout on 2Peas here.

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Remembering the importance of scrapbooking!

Many of you know that my son has autism. There is a lot of history there that I won't go into, but back when he was first diagnosed at age 3, we were given a pretty bleak prognosis. We have certainly had our ups and downs over the years but he has grown into the most amazing person and has flourished in ways we never would have imagined!

At first I scrapbooked for me. It was a creative outlet. Soon I discovered what a good learning tool it was for son. I was very devoted to staying caught up on his pages until about 3 years ago. We went through some really hard stuff with our local school district and I even ended up homeschooling for awhile. Honestly, life was so tough during that time for various reasons that I simply couldn't scrap. Then with moving to a new house and just life in general I lost my devotion to keeping the scrapbooks up to date. (this was before I discovered digital!)

Well, I have been enjoying the creative process again and working on lots of pages about various topics. I have even gone back in time and have created some beautiful baby pages for him which has been fun since all I had back then was a rudimentary scrapbooking skills and a handful of stickers! LOL!

The other night my son saw me at working away at the computer and he said to me in all sincerity "Mom, did we lose a scrapbook?" Of course I felt immediate panic...lose a scrapbook? Heaven forbid! When I asked him what I meant he said "I can't find my current scrapbook." I went in and showed him where it was on his bookshelf. He then said to me "I mean the one that is supposed to come after that."

It hit me hard. There is no scrapbook after that. His life in albums stopped 3 years ago and resides in boxes that should be labeled "good intentions." I felt lower than a snake's belly. How could I have gotten so far away from my own beliefs? I used to teach people how to scrapbook for crying out loud and if there was a mantra I repeated more than anything else, it was "get those pages done!" Don't worry if they are perfect, get them in albums with journaling because that is what matters.

So this is confession time I suppose. Even "Katie the Scrapbook Lady" loses sight of the big picture at times. But it made me re-think this whole wonderful hobby. I had to ask myself WHO AM I DOING THIS FOR? It really isn't about getting published, or even receiving praise on 2Peas (although that is lots of fun!) It is about the subject himself, the one that I love.

Bottom line is I do this for my family. I want them to know I love them more than anything, more than I can even fathom.

I know that scrapbookers everywhere feel this and know it also...but do they remember it? Remember my son's innocent desire to see his life experiences in full color. Re-commit yourself to scrapbook what is truly important.

I did and that is why I created this page about building Lego Bionicles for him today. Here's the layout on 2Peas and here is the thread I posted on the digi message board sharing this story if you want to read or post any responses. Comments are also welcome here on my blog anytime.

Remember why you scrap...

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Self Portrait Tuesday - creativity

almost didn't make it for self portrait Tuesday this week! Been a very busy Tuesday!

I want to do a layout using this picture but I can't seem to make it work tonight! Thought about doing dreams, weaknesses, strengths and more but nothing is clickiing right now.

I did have fun playing with my pictures in Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9. I used the cutout filter on this and it turned out kind of interesting. Made me think about how the computer is one way I feel like I can experience creativity. I would have never guessed that it would be that kind of tool for me but it has become a very important way for me to express myself. I used to doubt that I had any creativity at all, but now I understand that it is a different brand creating that I do.

My own creativity:

combining pictures & words to make meaningful scrapbook layouts.
taking pictures of the world around me and the people I love.
collecting information and using it.
recognizing well designed pages, ads, color combinations and applying them in my own way.
being inspired by ideas and using them as a launching pad for my own plans.
writing (or typing) my thoughts and sharing them with others.

There are many ways to be an artist. Take the time to realize how and what you create and enjoy your unique contributions!

Happy Creating!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Monday, October 24, 2005

Halloween Layout

my daughter has already been to 2 costume parties this year (lucky lady!) so I decided to go ahead and do her Halloween costume layout. :)

I have been in such a creative slump lately but as I was browsing through my files, this kit by Dawn(hunibuni) and Ali called "falling for you" jumped out at me. Trouble is, I don't know where I got it! - I couldn't find it on modscraps but I must have got it somewhere! LOL - hopefully if someone wants it they can find it by using the designer's names.

Other fonts used are 2Peas David Walker & 2Peas David Walker journal. I also got the bird dingbat from 2Peas David Walker Girly Girl font.

The journaling is a little small on screen so here is what is says:

This year for Halloween, you decided to dress up as a veterinarian. It was the easy choice for me because you already had everything to make the costume, including your own personalized vet lab coat that we mail ordered for you as a surprise last Christmas. I’m still not sure if it even counts as dressing up for you though, since you already assume the role so much. As long as you have been able to express yourself, you have been telling us that you want to have animals in your life. I have no doubt that your future will include helping animals in some way. For now, you will have to content yourself with a golden retriever and an impressive selection of stuffed animals as your patients.

I also posted this layout in the 2Peas gallery if you want to see it there.

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Saturday, October 22, 2005

even more digital freebies!

Since I am new to hanging out on I didn't know about their surprise friday freebies. Fun little surprise!

There are several new freebies in the members freebie exchange at scrapartist. I particularly liked this one by Zstampf.

Really neat zodiac coins and birthstone gems on Digital Scrapbook Place. These are just perfect for a project I have been planning!
You have to be a member to download their freebies.

The Digi Chick's newest designers are offering samples downloads of their work. You do need to be a registered member but take the extra minute to do register because these are great freebies!

And Shabby Princess just posted her new freebie!

Happy Downloading!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Friday, October 21, 2005

Backing it all up

I've downloaded sooooo many freebies lately and actually bought several kits (my pay pal account has been put to good use!) so I decided I better protect my investments and back everything up. As I unzip each download I save it to an unzipped folder. I then used the Digital Image Library feature in Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9 and selected that unzipped folder. I clicked on archive and archived that unzipped folder. Now that all my new kits are backed up, I moved them out of the unzipped folder into their respective designer folders.

I keep everything grouped by designer so it is easy to give credit where credit is due. I also save a thumbnail image of each kit and put them in a folder called "Previews" and that way I can browse through all my kits at once - so easy to see what I have that way.

Hope this gives you some ideas for organizing and inspires you to back up your kits.

Also, BE SURE to regularly archive your photos on cd and also send them to a photo site like image station or snapfish to act as a secondary backup.

You don't want to lose your precious memories!

Happy Archiving!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


another freebie! another one coming soon from the Princess!

I've fixed the link to this freebie - thanks for letting me know! :) :) :)

Another freebie to download! Citrus Blossoms is offering this cute sweet candy paper pack and also a free matching alphabet set.

Also, be on the watch for Shabby Princess's new freebie that is due to be released this weekend! I saw a preview on her blog and it looks wonderful! A holiday medley kit which is just brilliant!

Happy Downloading!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yummy Gingerbread Freebie!

Ok, so this one totally made me want to make gingerbread cookies so I can take pictures of them! Darling freebie from Retrodiva on Friday Freebies this week so head there now to download it!

Happy Downloading!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


How old did you say I am?....

This is a funny little tool that might give you some interesting ideas for journaling. It is called the Birthday Calculator and it gives you all sorts of information about your birth date including the day you were conceived (I didn't need to know that thank you!)

According to the calculator I am now 1,154,453,917 seconds old. Holy Cow!

Anyway, give it a visit for something fun to do. :)

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Free projects & online bonuses from Paper Crafts Magazine

Free online instructions for this cute gift bag are at this link.

Also, there are other online bonus freebies at the Paper Crafts website so check them out!

Happy Paper Crafting!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


downloadable card kits

I got my email newsletter from Paper Crafts Magazine today and I was surprised to find a digital scrapbooking project inside! Now, they aren't calling it that...they are calling them card kits and they happen to be downloadable. Bascially these are digital scrapbooking kits to make cards with.

Interesting to see this from PAPER Crafts magazine. I do think the scrapbooking world is going to be embracing more digital options because it really offers such a wonderful and easy way to deliver supplies. Not to mention lower cost and less storage space! Tell me what scrapbooker wouldn't value those things!

Happy Card Making!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Digi Freebies alert!

Found a few new digtal scrapbooking freebies today:

Emily Boetel (She Scraps) has a cute Bubble Gum freebie on her blog

2 freebie kits on scrapbook bytes - these are a little tricky to find... scroll down the page to the headline NOT ATTENDING THE CONVENTION? Don't worry! You can play too!
and under that are 2 images of kits. Click on the images to dowload the kits!

3 new freebie kits at Scrapartist
Nature Trail, One, and Majestic Night

Happy Downloading!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Elsie Flannigan Fonts on 2Peas


I love "discovering" a new artist or technique and with the amazing pool of talent among scrapbookers it happens all the time! I saw some wonderful hand-drawn fonts by Elsie Flannigan used on a layout and I knew I had to have them!

I bought:
2Peas Red Velvet
2Peas Frappachine
2Peas Tokyo Girl
2Peas Vineyard
2Peas Flower Garden (pictured above)

They are all under Fonts at 2Peas - you will find them in "latest fonts" in Oct, Sept, & August.

I can't believe I keep buying fonts when I already have so many! But I couldn't resist these.

Happy Font Finding!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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my favorite album


This is my newest scrapbooking purchase, a darling little 8x8 album from Chatterbox which is one of my all time favorite companies.

Isn't it cute? Doesn't it make you want to scrapbook?

My goal for this weekend is to work on some layouts for this album.

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What I'm thinking about today...


Self Portrait Tuesday.
Volunteer meeting to help plan disabilities awareness week at my daughter's school.
A sink full of dirty dishes and no motivation to do them.
Tending my nephew tonight.
Booking airline tickets for November trip.
Driving back and forth to the bus stop.
Prioritizing my list of to do items and feeling very overwhelmed.
Feeling guilty that I am not working on my book.
Creating a digital layout.
Planning troop meeting for tomorrow.
Writing an autism blog entry about flu shots containing thimerosal.
Catching up on email.
Ordering 2 books on
---The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trealease
---Super Skills: A Social Skills Group Program for Children with Asperger
Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism and Related Challenges by Brenda Smith Myles
The bag of limited edition Vanilla flavored Tootsie Rolls I bought at Super Target yesterday.
Halloween costumes.
Starting my Christmas shopping.
What to eat for dinner tonight.

So for self-portrait Tuesday, why don't you take a picture, do a layout, or write a journal entry that tells what is on your mind today?

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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Monday, October 17, 2005

better start saving for November!


Despite being known as "Katie the Scrapbook Lady" I don't rush out and buy every idea book that comes out. I couldn't even if I wanted to because it would cost a small fortune! There are so many books and special issues of scrapbook magazines published now so something has to be really special for me to put it on my "NEED" list right away. newfound love of digital scrapbooking and the scarcity of great published material tells me that November is a month where I am going to need to save my pennies!

Here is what is coming out that I can't wait for:

Digital Scrapbooking 4 by Simple Scrapbooks - special issue $6.99

Digital Designs for Scrapbooking by Renee Pearson - book& cd $19.95

I believe Rhonna Farrer's new digital book is scheduled to come out in November also?

I would also love to have Stacey Julian's new book "The Big Picture" and Heidi Swapp's book "Love Your Handwriting."

Happy Saving! :)

Katie the Scrapbook Lady
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The "tear test"


I've been sorting through magazines this morning (mostly scrapbook related)and I tear out the pages that have something on I want to keep. It might be a layout I want to scraplift or a new product I am interested in. Sometimes it is an entire article that I want to keep. I have a file that I put them in for later reference...ok, it's just a drawer, but that's a file! The trick is that the drawer is in my desk by my computer so I really do look through it all the time. When I need inspiration I just open it and flip through pages until I find something that strikes me.

I used to try and keep more permanent files in binders to keep track of all this stuff but it has just gotten too unwieldy. My blog has become my favorite filing system for ideas because if something really interests me I will post it there in some form.

I can judge how useful a magazine is to me by the amount of pages I have torn from the issue. There are some that seem to have smaller piles than they used to and some that fluctuate with each issue. Today's winner (and a frequent winner for me) is the new issue of Simple Scrapbooks. This magazine seems to be one of the more consistent ones and has ideas that I actually use.

I would have to say it is my favorite right now.

Sort through your magazines and see which one passes the "tear test" best for you.

Happy tearing!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Scrap Kitchen Haunted Kit on sale!


I always love Scrap Kitchen's digital kits and this one is on sale right now. Also, if are a newsletter subscriber there is a special deal right now on her spooky kit!

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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Hello Pumpkins!


I used the new (and free!) HELLO software from picasa to upload this straight to my blog!

Happy Fall!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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Current Digital Scrapbooking Freebies!

100 new sketches uploaded to scrap-maps!

Gina Miller Peddler's Village freebie to the first 25 visitors to her blog only!
she also has another great freebie further down the blog called Pumpkin Seed

Sandra Resley has a fall paper pack on her blog

Digital Memory Art provides digital scrapbooking products for LDS scrappers. You can download free samples at the website.

Autumn Collection freebie from Whitney on her blog

Halloween freebies from Kim Hill at CGE

Happy Downloading!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady