Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Elsie Flannigan Fonts on 2Peas


I love "discovering" a new artist or technique and with the amazing pool of talent among scrapbookers it happens all the time! I saw some wonderful hand-drawn fonts by Elsie Flannigan used on a layout and I knew I had to have them!

I bought:
2Peas Red Velvet
2Peas Frappachine
2Peas Tokyo Girl
2Peas Vineyard
2Peas Flower Garden (pictured above)

They are all under Fonts at 2Peas - you will find them in "latest fonts" in Oct, Sept, & August.

I can't believe I keep buying fonts when I already have so many! But I couldn't resist these.

Happy Font Finding!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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