Monday, October 17, 2005

The "tear test"


I've been sorting through magazines this morning (mostly scrapbook related)and I tear out the pages that have something on I want to keep. It might be a layout I want to scraplift or a new product I am interested in. Sometimes it is an entire article that I want to keep. I have a file that I put them in for later reference...ok, it's just a drawer, but that's a file! The trick is that the drawer is in my desk by my computer so I really do look through it all the time. When I need inspiration I just open it and flip through pages until I find something that strikes me.

I used to try and keep more permanent files in binders to keep track of all this stuff but it has just gotten too unwieldy. My blog has become my favorite filing system for ideas because if something really interests me I will post it there in some form.

I can judge how useful a magazine is to me by the amount of pages I have torn from the issue. There are some that seem to have smaller piles than they used to and some that fluctuate with each issue. Today's winner (and a frequent winner for me) is the new issue of Simple Scrapbooks. This magazine seems to be one of the more consistent ones and has ideas that I actually use.

I would have to say it is my favorite right now.

Sort through your magazines and see which one passes the "tear test" best for you.

Happy tearing!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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