Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Christmas Wish List!

Do you want to know what Katie the Scrapbook Lady wants for Christmas? Consider this my open letter to Santa! :)

What I want the very most! (I've been a very good girl this year Santa!)

Wacom tablet & pen has it for only 59.88 and it is usually $99.95!

Step Up Your Scrapbooking by Lisa Brown Caveney has it for only $13.57

Love Your Handwriting by Heidi Swapp has it for only $19.77

The Big Book of Typographics by Roger Walton has it for only $24.98

Dover Clip Art Decorative Ornaments has it for only 10.17

and I would love to finish off my Friends DVD collection.
I need Season 8, Season 9, and Season 10 and then I will have them all!

What is on your wish list to Santa? Feel free to post your comment here and share your list with me. :)

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


1 comment:

Nancy said...


Just wanted to give you a piece of advice on the tablet. Get the bigger one if you can find room for it. I have the 4x5 and its just TOO small. I'm always running off the side, or up into the boxes at the top that automatically hit the function keys - drives me nuts.