Saturday, November 12, 2005

Space Invader - a short lived costume

We always have interesting Halloween experiences! This was quite the costume, but it didn't last very long! This is a very digital looking layout and I usually do more of a traditional look. But the photo called for some special effects!

My son was determined to be this space invader for Halloween (he saw the idea in a Martha Stewart Magazine LOL!) I didn't think about how other kids with autism would react to this costume though! You think I would have thought that one through a little more!

The journaling reads:
A short lived costume:

Good thing we took pictures at school, because the costume didn’t last very long.

Alex found this idea in a Martha Stewart magazine and he knew this was the costume for him. We put a lot of work into making him over as a super cool space invader using common materials such as styrofoam cups, egg cartons, and duct tape. It wasn’t comfortable, but he was thrilled with the results!

For some reason it never dawned on me how the other kids in his class would react. Some of the kids have much more serious sensory issues than Alex does and it turns out that one boy was taught to crush styrofoam cups as part of his occupational therapy. After a few minutes in the classroom, it looked like our space invader had been hit by an asteroid. Needless to say, he was not a happy guy! He did still go through the Halloween parade, but that was the end of the costume wearing for that day.

Thankfully, I took pictures first!

Font is X-files which I thought was pretty appropriate for the layout!

I also posted this layout at 2 Peas

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ksharonk said...

Oh, I do hope he wasn't too disappointed. His costume was GREAT, and so was your layout!!! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)