Friday, November 11, 2005

Tonsils out - a layout

I got a few layouts done today which is pretty good considering the way I have felt all day! This one had some difficult journaling so I'm especially proud of getting it done.

I posted it on 2Peas and Scrapartist.

Here's the details:
My dd had her tonsils out this year on April 1st. It was a very hard surgery for her since they were so big!

journaling reads: This was no April Fool’s joke, you really needed those tonsils to come out! They were huge and you were constantly coming down with strep throat. This picture was taken right before you went in to surgery. You were so brave. When you woke up, it hurt like nothing you had ever experienced. Unfortunately, you inherited my bad reaction to anethesia and pain killers and you spent the next few days throwing up. It was a miserable experience for you and you lost 7 pounds from being so sick! It was heartbreaking to see you go through so much!

Font is 2Peas Sailboat. Mary Jane Kit & embellishments are from Nancy Rowe Janitz at

Scrapbook...because life is worth remembering!

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