Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A week of gratitude! My computer

Throughout this week of Thanksgiving, I will be posting random bits of gratitude. Little things that I am truly grateful for. Some will be material, some are less tangible. All are a part of my life and therefore should be a part of my scrapbooks.

Today, I am grateful for my computer.

Some may think that this would be a trivial or much too materialistic thing to be grateful for, but it really is something that has improved my overall quality of life.

Sure, it is neat to be able to order "stuff" online, or even look up any bit of information that I might be interested in. More than anything though, I love that it is my connection to people all over the world.

I write letters and send emails about important issues to members of Congress, the local media, friends, family, and sometimes even complete strangers. I have corresponded with people from many countries about topics that are important to me like autism or scrapbooking. With an internet connection, many boundaries are erased.

I have created websites and blogs that people visit and read. I send out newsletters to subscribers. I answer emails from loyal visitors. I answer questions and sometimes I am able to truly help someone. What a feeling this is!

By participating in boards and chats in the scrapbooking community, I feel like I have gained many friends and a great group of cheering supporters. Even the smallest comment on a layout I have created makes me feel wonderful! I can't wait to log on each day and see what masterpieces my friends have created!

Now that I have discovered Digital Scrapbooking, my computer is used for much more than journaling or the occasional photo edit. I can create entire layouts, share them online, and even send them to a photo lab to print if I wish.

Without my computer, my family would feel so far away. They are far away geographically, but I can chat, email, blog, and send pictures as much as I want. They see my son's piano lesson, my daughter's art projects, and my scrapbook layouts through the magic of the internet. They are involved in our day to day lives because of this wonderful technology.

Really, there is no way to summarize my gratitude for this little machine in front of me right now. But without it, you wouldn't be reading this entry and we would have never "met," so I am truly grateful for my computer!

What piece of technology has made your life better?
Write a journal entry about it and feel free to include it in your scrapbook. It will be meaningful for you and for others who look at your albums now and in the future.

Happy Gratitude!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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