Sunday, November 27, 2005

A week of gratitude! Thanksgiving Vacation

Our family was lucky enough to have a vacation this Thanksgiving weekend! We traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to be with my parents and brothers and we had a wonderful time. I am truly grateful for the time I was able to spend with my family and for the fun things we were able to do together. It is hard to have my family so far away, but it is also wonderful when we get to see each other!

Some great memories from our trip:

Seeing the Luminarias and lit chili pepper ristras
It is great to see a place with so much local flavor!

Going for a walk and enjoying the amazing scenery and wonderful weather!

Visiting the Albuquerque Balloon Museum

Looking through idea books and my mom's latest scrapbooking purchases.
She has more purchasing power than I do so I always love to see her latest finds. It works out great for me because I can browse through the newest idea books and decide which ones I want the most. I decided that I want to purchase the magazine Scrapbook Answers and that I can't wait any longer for Autumn Leaves Designing with Digital and Renee Pearson's Digital Scrapbooking! I also drooled over her Jen Wilson cd collection!
I guess I better add that one to my Christmas list!

I also love all these paper flowers and leaves she has collected!

Tons of great food!

Turkey, Steak, Lasagna! We were spoiled!

We also played Scattergories, watched Everybody Loves Raymond, and spent lots of time visiting.

All in all, a great vacation! Grateful for the opportunity to travel and the chance to spend time with my family.

What are you grateful for? Be sure to include your feelings of gratitude in yoru scrapbooks!

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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