Thursday, December 15, 2005

My ornament collection

porcelin jingle bells - another purchase from my college days. I remember when I showed my mom she made a comment to the effect of "how impractical! You won't be able to hang those up when you have kids." I'm pleased to say that the porcelin jingle bells have made it through 2 kids (both of them got into everything!) and 6 moves and not one has broken. When I look back though, I can totally see her point! :)

Fancy gold stars bought on 75% off clearance last January at Pier 1 imports.

Hand painted ceramic santa ornaments. Another favor from one of my husband's Christmas work parties. I love that they give us each an ornament every year.

another work party favor. This one is a decorated ball ornament from Costco.

It dawned on me last night how glad I will be to have this documentation of my decorations. By about October I am usually struggling to remember what I already have and if I need to add any thing else to the mix. Now I can go through my pictures instead of rumaging through boxes!

Be sure to document (and enjoy) the process of decorating this year!

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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Justine said...

Beautiful Decorations. I love seeing how others trees are decorated.