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Top 5 books of 2005

More in my Top 5 of 2005 roundup...

Books are such an important part of my life and I love to read. I do wish I spent more time reading so perhaps that is a good resolution for the coming year. The majority of what I do read is informational and related to subjects like autism, writing, scrapbooking, or parenting. There is so much to learn from books but I also want to remember to enjoy the pleasure of reading as a leisurely pastime.

It was hard to decide if I should limit this list to books that were actually published in 2005 or ones that I read in 2005. I decided to keep my lists similar in focus and only draw from books actually published in 2005. This made it more challenging since I did not read a lot of new releases. I am not including scrapbook related books on this list because that will come in another entry.

1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! There is no question that this was the best book I read all year. I'm still reeling from the plot twists and turns and I'm in denial of the death (and the killer's identity) that happened in this book. I feel that Harry has a special place in my heart and I can't imagine how I will feel when I have finally read the last page of book 7. Will I ever be able to let him go?! I think I will have to reread all 6 books and listen to them on CD. Jim Dale really brings these stories to life for me. I hope JK Rowling has lots of writing time in 2006!

2. Mental Floss Magazine - ok so this technically isn't a book, but this magazine contains some of the best stuff I've read all year! I became a subscriber and ended up giving a subscription to my brother as a Christmas gift. My son who has autism and is highly gifted in the intellectual department redeems his tokens he earns with behavior programs for back issues of this magazine. Love this brain food!

3. The Broker by John Grisham It has been a long time since I've enjoyed a good page turner from John Grisham and I really enjoyed this one. Actually I listened to it as an audio book which was fun because the narrator (Michael Beck) did a fabulous job with the Italian. Usually I prefer the author to read the book for an audio book, but in this case it would have been distracting to hear Grisham's southern drawl. This wasn't as fast paced and intense as his earlier books like The Firm or A Time to Kill, but it was a very pleasurable read.

4. You the Owners Manual Only Oprah could make a book like this into a national bestseller simply by featuring it on her show! This is a manual for the human body but it is written in a witty and conversational style. It is actually fun to read and quite useful.

5. Winning by Jack Welch - now I realize I may lose some of you with this one (especially my mom!) and I'll be the first to agree that Jack is no poster boy for how to live your personal life. However, Jack as a business leader has a lot of wisdom and insight to share. You may find it strange that a mini-van mom who works out of her home as a writer would be interested in a book like this. Well, I guess it is a little odd, but the truth is I gain a lot from reading business books. My husband is constantly studying books like this and when I read along we have a lot to discuss together. Not only about his life in the business world, but about how these principles apply to us as individuals and as a family. Jack's advice on candor has made a big impact in my life this year and has brought me more happiness as a result. That alone secured this book a spot in my top 5.

Need a prompt to remember what you read in 2005? Try looking through the best of 2005 section.

It is an interesting exercise to go through. What I learned is that I didn't enough of the new "stuff" out there and too much of my time was focused on research type reading. Often reviewing the past tells us what we should do in the future!

Happy Reviewing!

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