Sunday, January 01, 2006

Top 5 "discoveries" of 2005

Do you remember the NBC promotion from a few years ago... if you haven't seen it, it's new to you!/ Well, this post sort of falls in that category. All my discoveries were in existence before the year 2005 but that is when I embraced them.

1. Blogging! - hello! you wouldn't be reading this if I hadn't "discovered" the joy of blogging. Funny thing is now it just blows my mind when someone asks "what's a blog?"...that is like so 2004! LOL!

Besides this blog I also have a quote blog and an autism blog.

2. Digital Scrapbooking I have been scrapbooking in some form or another for about 20 years and I have been known as Katie the Scrapbook Lady online for at least 5 years. This year I found a new way to scrapbook and I'm completely hooked! What sealed the deal for me? Being able to print off my layouts in duplicate. The same layouts that went in my children's albums made for great gift book albums for grandparents. No more making 4 sets of pages anymore!

My first digital scrapbook page in April of 2005 was made with a free kit at 2Peas

A recent page I created using my own designs in November 2005

3. 2Peas, especially the digital board. Now you think a scrapbook lady like myself would have gotten into the 2Peas action a lot sooner and I have even been registered there for a few years. But my new found addiction of digital scrapbooking is what really led me to become an involved pea in April of 2005. About 2 weeks ago I posted my 1000th post so I guess you could say I'm a junkie!

4. My kids love Shakespeare! I had a feeling that they would enjoy going to the Utah Shakespeare Festival but I wasn't sure if they would really "get" the Bard. To put it in their words..."Shakespeare Rocks!" - it was a raging success!

5. Wonders never cease.

Flowers bloom...

Nature amazes...

Love grows...

Memories are made...

Can't wait to see what discoveries are in store for me in 2006! Don't forget to journal about what has changed in your life this past year. Reflect on the good things and make a scrapbook page about them.

Happy New Year!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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Ashley Michelle aka. ash said...

these are great lists katie! thanks for sharing them :)
my daughter has autism and i love coming here to check up on you and your family. just hearing about any other parents and children dealing with this helps to make me feel better about it. so thanks for sharing!