Friday, December 02, 2005

What inspired me to start Digi Scrapping?

I found this great thread on 2Peas today and I was so pleased to find out that my blog had actually inspired someone on the road to digital scrapbooking!

Here is my post:

My mom actually introduced me to Digi Scrapping because she told me about the Simple Scrapbooks Digital Scrapbooking Magazines. Even though I am the self-proclaimed "Scrapbook Lady" I had not really even noticed or thought about digi scrapping. Then I bought the Simple Scrapbooks Digital Scrapbooking 3 issue and I have never looked back! I must have poured over that issue for hours.

I found free kits from Shabby Princess and from Rhonna at 2Peas and I must say that those sealed the deal. Because I could try it all for free to start with, I gained the confidence I needed to take the full plunge into the digi pool.

I've only been digi since March but now I've been featured on Jen's Digi Scrappin Blog (check her table of contents) and I have found a whole new world of ideas and friends! As a side effect, I have become an insanely avid blogger! LOL

Basically, I'm hooked!

Hope you will consider giving Digi Scrapping a try.

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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