Monday, January 30, 2006

Blogging and Scrapbooking

This comic just cracked me up. There have been times when I my husband has asked me what I've been up to and I will refer him to my blog so he got a good chuckle out of this when I showed him!

Another thing that made me laugh is this shirt:

It is from Think Geek and I'm wondering if I should be required to wear this! Sometimes when my husband says or does something goofy, he will say, "oh great, now hundreds of bloggers will be reading about this tomorrow!" It keeps everyone in line to know that I may be "reporting" them on the blog!

Truthfully, you know I don't do a lot of that kind of blogging here, but it has been an excellent journaling tool. I have to say that since I have become a regular blogger, my scrapbooking has reached a new level because of the ideas I have been able to incorporate. It forces me to write about scrapbooking and also my life, so I always have plenty of creative material to work with.

Whether you keep a blog for the world to read, or just a private journal, I strongly encourage you to be REGULAR about posting in it. Even random details will jog your memory later. Some people hang on to their past calendars. I wish I would have done that - it would be a treasure trove of journaling information! I do keep an electronic calendar now so I can go back over the past year and refer to dates and appointments. Very helpful!

So keep notes on your calendar and write or blog in some sort of journal, I promise you'll thank me for it later!

Happy Journaling!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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Cass said...

I AM one of the luckyones... from 1998 onwards I have had a calendar in my kitchen and EVERYTHING goes on it... from unexpected visitors (after they leave of course) to long planned events... Each year, the calendar goes carefully away in the filing cabinet... especially useful in trying to "date" events from my pre-digital camera days.... (otherwise known as the dark ages lol). I'd highly recommend a similar system to all scrappers.