Thursday, January 26, 2006

The enabler

Definition of an enabler: To supply with the means, knowledge, or opportunity; make able.

In shopping terms, it means that one obsessed shopper tells another obsessed shopper about their great find so that the second obesessor can't rest until they too have collected the item!

My mom is my biggest enabler (and I'm sure she would say that I'm hers!)

So let me share my latest obsessions with all of you. This is what is currently on my wish list and I'm sure there will be a lot more to covet after the CHA show next week!


I don't do a lot of paper scrapping these days so it might be hard to justify these purchases, but these are some new "toys" that look like a lot of fun! I'm pretty picky about adding any new tools to my collection because they aren't really necessities, but I can see myself actually using these.

Memory Makers Tag Tool
- add your own metal rim to any paper, now your tags will always match. Matching makes me so happy!

Basic Grey Notch tool - where was this little guy back when I belonged to a card exchange group? I could have some fun with this one!

Idea Books:

Autumn Leaves newest book Designing with Greetings looks amazing! I know I would get a lot of ideas from this one.

Quote Unquote Volume 3 - I have the first 2 and I love them. I kind of have a thing for quotes! ;)

Simple Scrapbooks Designing Scrapbooks 2 - not available until February, but I'm really excited for this one!

Digi Stuff:

Gina Miller's Polka Ribbons & matching Polka Papers and her gorgeous new flowers!

Ok, so I just found out Gina's stuff is on sale for SBB's 3rd birthday. Everything is 35% off! So these just moved off the wish list and into my hard drive! :)

Jen Wilson and Lauren Bird's Summer Travels CD

I've been doing a lot of layouts lately using Ashley Olson's great designs at Scrapbook Bytes, and her designs are 50% off right now so go check them out. She really has some gorgeous kits!

Consider yourself fully enabled!

Happy Shopping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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