Sunday, January 01, 2006

learning to doodle

My very nice hubby gave me a wacom tablet for Christmas.

Gotta love a guy who supports you in the things you enjoy!

Thought you might enjoy seeing my VERY primitive first attempts at doodling on the tablet. I'm hoping that in a few weeks you will be impressed when I post some much better doodles after I get the hang of it!

I'm pretty sure that if these doodles were analyzed it would be easy to assume that a preschooler did them...or maybe that is being too kind?! LOL!

I can tell that this will be a wonderful tool and I can't wait to explore the possibilities.

Don't be afraid to share your first attempts at something and document them for a scrapbook page. After all, life is just a laboratory for learning and we are all participants. How can you appreciate progress if you don't remember to celebrate the starting point?

So my challenge for the day is to take a picture, write a story, or include a beginner's masterpiece (in any form) on a scrapbook layout and celebrate the beginning of a wonderful journey!

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady




wyowoman said...

My family gave me a wacom too, and I am very excited, too. -- infact, I could just "borrow" your post, it could have been written by me, if I was a writer! Loved your comments and encouragement here !!

Lynn said...

Hi Katie! I got a tablet for Christmas too and while I love it, it has been quite a challenge to get the hang of it, LOL. Your doodles look VERY familiar!!! I did manage one LO using it. I posted it on my blog, if you wanna check it out.

Looking forward to 2006 with you!

Lorraine said...

I downloaded the free MLK kit and am grateful for it. We have in our group a scavenger hunt and we are awarded points for the best pic. This week our scav hunt is about birthdays and as it is MLK day today I thought how appropriate it was to find this site. I will be back to have a look around from time to time. Thank you for the kit, it is much appreciated.