Monday, January 09, 2006

Paperkuts magazine going under

This is sad news from Angie Randall, Paperkuts magazine is closing it's doors.

I have read the magazine on and off over the years and it is ironic that just last month I decided to finally subscribe. Oh well, my small check for a subscription is not nearly as big of a deal as what Angie and the Paperkuts staff are going through. I feel sad for the PK power team and the many talented scrapbookers who were currently working with Paperkuts. Angie has stated in this post that she will do her best to return pages and make things right.

There were a few bitter comments posted in response on this thread and I'm sure that won't be the worst that the Paperkuts staff hears. I wasn't able to post a comment - maybe there is a limit? I started a new thread on the digi board to let the digi scrappers know and also to give Angie my thanks and let her know how sorry I am to hear of the magazine ending.

In a time where scrapbooking is at a high in popularity and gaining more recognition every day, it is sad to see such a high quality publication fail because of poor management.

It is too bad it got to such a dire point before anything was done. A lesson for all of us to make sure we are keeping tabs on the important things in our life.

Katie the Scrapbook Lady




Paulette said...

Can we get our money back for the paid subscription? I have another year on my two year paid subscription.. I really liked their magazine..
Thank you for you time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would like to know, too. I sent in my check for sub in dec and have never heard anything and just found this info out after searching for some way to contact them online. Should I cancel the check or ??? I suppose they cashed it, took the money and ran. I know its only 12 or 15.00 but it was gift sub as an xmas gift and I feel bad they never got it!jeanbean

Anonymous said...

I paid for a new subscription in December as well. You would THINK PK would alert it's subscribers. I've not heard anything and only found out about this as a fluke looking for something else. Wow. I'm irritated.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm a little late in realizing that I wasn't receiving my subscription, which I renewed in December 2005 too. I paid $22.95 and they cashed my check!

Johnita Guidry said...

On a related note,