Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Quotes & Quips is the Scrap Blog of the Week!

My Quotes & Quips blog is the first featured Scrap Blog of the Week on the Scrapability Blog.

Here is the entry:

This is a new feature for the Scrap Rants blog for 2006. As I appear to have a large list of scrapbloggers, and truly appreciate all the information and sharing out there, I thought I’d like to feature my pick of the blogs each week.

Scrapability’s Scrap Blog of the Week -Week 1 2006 :
Quotes and Quips Blog by Katie the Scrapbook Lady

Katie Nelson has long had an interesting blog and website with lots of scrapbooking content, but lately has opened up her Quotes and Quips blog also. For 2006, she intends to provide a quote or quip a day, with a related story, scrapbooking links or similar to go with the daily quote.

From this blog you also have links to Katie’s affiliated websites - she has a Quotes and Quips website with categorised links also. All the blogs and websites are fantastic resources, and I would recommend subscribing up to the RSS feed on Katie’s blogs.

Thanks Michelle for featuring my blog!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady



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