Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What happens when you read blogs?

Well, besides spending even more time in front of the computer, great things happen when you find a group of really cool blogs to read!

I've started using bloglines (thanks Angie Pedersen for the suggestion!)and it has really helped me keep track of everything.

Now my only problem is that I'm getting overwhelmed with all the good stuff out there! I will have to narrow done some of these choices and decide what I want to involve myself in.

Here are some great scrapbook related things to know about:

Free typography class (thanks again Angie for posting about this)

A Poem a day from Thena

Studio Friday - Ali Edwards usually does this.

Self Portrait Tuesday - Just realized today is TUESDAY! I found out about this from Rhonna Farrer's Blog a few months back and I have done it a few times. Need to get doing this one again.

A week in your life album by Ali Edwards. This CKU class has a downloadable PDF document that you can use to complete this album on your own.

Art Journal Challenge by Shimelle - this one does have a charge of $30 for 20 weeks and you can join late.

Big Picture Scrapbooking Classes - including one for free. I've been reading Stacy Julian's book THE BIG PICTURE and it is amazing! I also regularly visit her blog.

Holly McCaig's Dare to Muse Me Challenge - posted every Sunday.

Cathy Zielske's Encyclopedia of Your Ordinary Life class. This one also has a downloadable PDF document that you can use to try and follow along at home. The class is inspired by this book: Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, which has now just joined the long lineup in my amazon wish list. Stacy Julian also praises the book so I'm very intrigued!
Thanks to Michelle for posting about this and the next few that I'm going to list.

My Personal Treasury A-Z by Danielle Johnson also has PDF instructions and worksheets to download.

Becky Higgins Snapshot of Me - another class PDF file to download.

Life Lessons and A Year of Memories also have downloadable files - which is great for us homebodies!

Finally, The Digi Chick has a year long challenge called "It's a chick's life, scrap it!"

Overwhelmed yet? I know I am and I know there is a lot more going on that I don't even know about!

Help me out by posting if I have missed something. I want to make sure to get the word out on resources like these so feel free to include it in a comment here or email me at kt@scrapbooklady.org

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady



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