Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Edited with more challenges! Question #2 - Daily Scrap Challenges?

I added a few more entries since I posted this yesterday. Now there are official challenges and events to inspire you each day of the week. Not to mention all the ongoing inspirations out there!!!!

Thanks to those who sent in the new links. :)

The new ones have a * in front of them.

This is very cool! Angie Pedersen blogged about my Roundup Your Memories feature!

I've received some great comments and compliments on my blog lately and I just want to let you all know that I read each and every one and they mean so much to me! It is so nice to know that people enjoy my posts. Here's one that really made my day:

I want to grow up and be like you. I just read your blog entry today on
Rounding up the Memories, what a great idea!

Can you please sign me up for your newsletter? Thanks.

Hey, one more thing, I was wanting to put a list of daily SB challenges on
my blog. You know like there is Self-Portrait Tuesday, do you know other
days (Mon, Wed, etc.) that have challenges that people have set up?

Thanks for all your inspiration.

This was a question that I had actually thought of myself a few weeks ago. I wondered if there could possibly be a challenge or theme to follow for each day of the week to inpsire a scrapbooker? My reader's comment inspired me to do some research on the topic and here is what I came up with. If I am missing anything, please let me know! Of course there are hundreds (possibly thousands) of ways to be creative each day, but the focus here is on a set challenge or theme specific to a certain day of the week.

Daily Inspiration


Holly McCaig Dare to Muse Me new challenge each Sunday

52 Figments posted each Sunday

Ad Challenge, Quote Challenge & Web Challenge (all with freebies)

It's a Chick's life - scrap it!
Weekly challenge

* Scrapbook Bytes Sunday Night Speed Scrap


Weekly Challenge at Scrapbookbytes based on
MY Amazing Month of Memories Series!
Monday Blog Challenge

Mixed Media Memoirs

Scrapartist Weekly
Ad Web Challenge

Scrapartist Weekly
Scraplift Challenge

Scrapartist Weekly Art Inspiration Challenge

Scrapartist Weekly Heritage Challenge

Scrapartist Weekly Simply You Challenge

Scrapartist (almost weekly) photography challenge

* Color Challenge Speed Scrap at Scrapbook Bytes


Self Portrait Tuesday

Color Challenge at Digi Chick - posted every other Tuesday

Digi Chick photography challenge - posted every other Tuesday

tEchNiQuE TuEsdaY from Crafty Girl on her Collage Blog

* Tuesday Sketch challenge at Scrapbook Bytes


* 2006 Calendar Crop at Scrapbook Bytes


Thursday photo challenge

Thursday Scraplift Challenge at The Digi Shoppe

Effer Dares

* Scrapbook Bytes Thursday Night Speed Scrap

* Inspire Me Thursday


Studio Friday

Photo Friday

Illustration Friday

Digichick scraplift challenge - every other Friday

Digichick Sketch Ad Inspiration Chalenge - posted every other Friday

* Friday Font Crop at Scrapbook Bytes


* Saturday Scraplift Challenge at Scrapbook Bytes

* Scrapbook Bytes Moonlight Scrap

I know there are weekly challenges posted in the 2Peas garden and the 2Peas digi area, but I have not yet been able to figure out what the pattern for posting these is.

So I will probably do some sort of sidebar link to this list. I would like a place to keep track of all the daily challenges so be watching for it.

Also, I know this can't possibly be all of them. Keep your blogging eyes peeled for more day specific challenges that occur on a regular basis and I will add them to the list.

Happy Challenges!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady



melba said...

I found your blog through scrapability. I was excited to see Mixed Media Memoirs included in your list. My hope is to create a supportive community of women exploring their life through art. Thanks for helping!

scrappinkay said...

What a great post girl!!! Thanks for all the research you did to find all the daily challenge goodies.

Nancy said...

Scrapbook Bytes has TONS of challenges and crops going on through the week. Check their calendar too! I know for a fact there's stuff going on Wednesdays!

Swirly said...

What a great list!! Thank you so much...I'm bookmarking this one. :)

Storm said...

What an AWESOME list. I know my group/site offers various challenges throughout the week and month too so between this list and Cherished Memories I have a lot to keep me busy and motivated to scrap!