Monday, February 27, 2006

Introducing the Amazing Month of Memories Series by Katie the Scrapbook Lady

I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a long time now and I decided to finally make it happen! Each month I will prepare a downloadable guide called "An Amazing Month of Memories" and if I may say so myself, it did turn out to be quite amazing!

The March 2006 edition has:

5 month long themes
31 daily holidays
with 107 different ideas to inspire your scrapbooking and/or journaling!
These aren't just little short ideas like use green on a St. Patrick's Day page - they are full of depth and detail that will give you oodles of scrappable material!
Plus, 59 related internet links to explore

Holy Cow! I have to admit that I even surprised myself by how many ideas I came up with! This was such a fun project and now I am so excited for every day of the month of March!

The special introductory sale price is only $2.50 until March 1st for my blog readers. I will be posting this on my regular website tomorrow at the fixed price of a very reasonable $5.00 - I mean, this thing is packed!

This is a downloadable 20 page pdf file document. You will receive the link once payment is posted and I have processed your order. I will be processing orders throughout the day so unless it is the middle of the night, you should receive your link within a few hours of payment.

Click here to get the sale link:

If you follow my blog during the month you are bound to run into some freebies of quote art or other goodies that go along with the March themes. So whether you are a paper scrapper, digital scrapper, avid journaler, or someone who just likes to celebrate each and every day, I know you will love my March 2006 Amazing Month of Memories!

Feel free to send me your comments here on the blog or via email to and please tell your friends about this!

P.S. Don't forget that tomorrow is the February Roundup!

Happy March!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady



wyowoman said...

hi Katie - love thismonth of memories idea!

andI just noticed an ash scraps ct blinky in your sidebar - congrats on that - what a gig!

Angie Wags said...

You are amazing, Katie! Can't wait to get my copy!