Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lessons learned from my Bulletin Board

Edited to add -

I got a little honorable mention for this one for Gina's contest! My layout was voted by Gina and her team to be The "Heyyyy... now THAT'S Clever AND the Team Loves Target But If We Go There On Account of Seeing This Receipt and Spend One Red Cent We Are Coming After You Missy!" award goes to (whew that was a long one!).... Katie! LOL!

So I decided to enter Gina Miller's Bulletin Board contest that I mentioned in my earlier post. Here's my finished layout:

I have just been itching to use this awesome Build your own Bulletin Board kit and this little contest was just the motivation I needed! LOL!

I re-created my bulletin board using her digi stuff and then I thought about what each item really said about me as a person. I'm happy with how it turned out because this is the first time I've really incorporated these types of items on a digi layout. I even scanned in my U2 pin. Font is Susie's Hand.

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Thanks for the great challenge Gina!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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