Saturday, February 25, 2006

Putting together a theme scrapbook

I've started on my art journal and I will be posting some pages later on today. I spent a long time yesterday thinking about what I want this album to be. Most of the time I create scrapbook layouts one page at a time, or perhaps as even a 2 page spread. I've never been one to decide on a color palette or design theme for an entire album and follow it exclusively.

However, when doing a smaller project, it can really be helpful to take a more unified approach in overall theme. Each page will still be it's own masterpiece, but if you have a framework to guide you it can really be a great stepping stone to liberating creativity. One of the best resources for this is the Simple Scrapbooks project planner worksheet - if the pdf doesn't load from this link just go to the Simple Scrapbooks website and go to the start here menu to find the worksheet.

I made a lot of decisions of what I want my art journal to be. First of all, I reviewed the art journal links I posted previously on this blog.

The link is always on my sidebar and it looks like this:

Then I looked through some of the other entries on Rhonna's blog for this challenge.

Next, I decided on my theme - which I will share in my next post.

I wanted a consistent color palette and materials that would complement each other. The colors and designs I chose had to be something I loved enough to use for a full 21 day challenge. I really wanted to work mainly with Rhonna's designs on this one as a tribute to the artist who inpsired me for this challenge. I decided on her PEA POD digital kit at 2Peas and I let that be the guide for my color scheme. I am also going to use a fair amount of white space because I love the clean & airy look it has against Rhonna's doodles & whimsical designs. There is also going to be a lot of writing in my project.

Can you see why I picked this kit as my inspiration?

I will also use Rhonna's Swirls and her latest free digital kit but I will recolor those elements to match the Pea Pod color theme. Rhonna's designs will form the basis for my journal design, but I will also pull from other sources as I apply different techniques. I have challenged myself to try as many new techniques as possible in creating this album - ideally, at least 1 new technique per page.

Oh yes, you have probably figured out that I'm doing this as a digital project. I wrestled with this decision because an art journal seems to call for lots of lumpy, bumpy paper based products. But I think this will be one of the challenges that makes it interesting for me. That, and my unfinished basement is just too darn cold to work in at this time of year and I really don't want to drag all my supplies upstairs!

Fonts were another hard choice and I played around with several. The journaling will be important in this project so it needs to be readable, but I also wanted to use a beautiful "artsy" type of font that would go well with Rhonna's designs. I chose to do the heavy journaling in My Type of Font and the quotes and some titles and fun journaling in Susie's Hand - which seems to be my favorite font at the moment.

Last decision was the size. Lots thought went into this and I finally settled on a 6x6 album. This is smaller than I usually do, but I want the finished project to be something that sits on my desk to inspire me each day.

I'm excited about this project - I have never done anything like it and that is going to make it so fun! If you want to play along, you can still join in on Rhonna's blog
or you can just follow along in my entries and see what inspires you.

Happy Scrapping!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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