Thursday, February 02, 2006

Scrapbook Rooms - a girl can dream...

picture of my mom's paper flower collection.

I used to have a room for scrapbooking. It wasn't fancy, but very functional. I shared it with my two kids so there was a lot of stuff in there. Here are the pictures if you want to see them.

Katie's old scrap room

I don't have a finished room right now, just a spot I have carved out in a cold, unfinished basement. Hoping that will change this year. It is our plan to start working on our basement sometime soon. So I'm looking around for ideas. I already have a plan in my head but I want to see what other ideas are out there. This will be a creative studio room that I will share with my daughter. That should be interesting because she is a messy creative type and I'm a line-em-up kind of organizing lady. I think we will be good inspiration for each other! LOL!

Here are some really cool rooms to inspire you (or at least make you feel a little jealous!)

Lisa Brown Caveney

Rhonna Farrer







Miley Johnson

Kristina Nicolai-White

Jennifer Ditz McGuire

Do you have a scrap room? If you do take some pictures and do a layout about it. If you have a cool scrap room you want to show off, send me a link and I would be happy to include it in my next entry about scrap rooms.

Happy Dreaming!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady



Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing these links. Love your blogs.

SB said...

u should also do the flip side of this issue. The UGLIEST scrap room. I would win, hands down. Like you, I used to have a separate room. Now my space is an old cemented root cellar, with a smelly cat and creepy spiders galore....But it's MY space, cat and all.


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