Thursday, February 09, 2006

scrappers who blog

I've kept a blogroll on this blog for awhile now trying to keep track of all the scrapbookers out there who blog. I've now decided this is too big of a job for me and there really is no reason to do this when Scrapability has the most comprehensive list of scrap bloggers I have ever seen!

I will keep my blogroll up for a few more days but I wanted to give your warning that it will vanish from my sidebar soon in case you are relying on my blogroll for your links. I will replace it with a nice big link to the Scrapability list and then I will have more room on my side bar to include some other great scrapbooking resources.

This list of blogs just keeps growing and I hope if you have a scrapbook related blog that you will let Michelle at Scrapability know about it!


Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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