Friday, February 03, 2006

Sources of Inspiration - Question #1

So I decided to take a few days and answer some questions on my blog. I've been getting some great comments and questions lately so I will answer them in my posts. If you have a question for Katie the Scrapbook Lady, feel free to leave a comment here on the blog or you can email me at

Here's the one I chose to answer today:

Please tell me: HOW do you come up with so many ideas? I look at all of the pictures and paper and stickers and supplies and am lost at what to do with them. I have TONS of inspiration via the web and the many scrapbook books I own and have scrapbooked plenty in the past, but I am blocked. How do you come up with so many ideas for so many pages in such a short amt of time? Please help?

I love comments like this one, they just make my day! I thought this was a great question to address here because there are times when I get "blocked" also. But that hasn't happened for a long time and I think it is because I have been very regular about scrapping lately. I seem to fall into the use it or lose it category so I just decided to make sure I'm using it!

There really is inspiration all around us and I do believe that some people are better at finding it then others. I also think it is something that can be learned. I did not use to have this gift, but I feel that it has developed with time and patience. One thing that has helped me quite a bit is this blog. I made a commitment to blog every day (or at least close to it) and it is a goal that drives me to stay creative.

The true answer to this question could take pages. If I were to sit and list every place and way I find inspiration...well, I'm not sure I could do it. So I've decided that when I post a layout here I will try to remember to include some information about what inspired me or where I found my ideas. A lot of the time I start with the photo and just play around with it. I would say that more than half of my layouts evolve this way where I really have no end vision in mind but I just experiment until I get there. Does that sound obscure? It really isn't, and it becomes easier over time.

Today's layout is a good example of this method.

posted at 2 Peas and The Digi Chick. Papers are from Andie Smith's Spring Fling Kit and blanket stitch is Jen Wilson's. Font is Benguiat Bk Bt.

- if you just followed all the links I posted about this layout, you found a lot of inspiration!

Here's how this layout came together - Last night I looked through my photo files and I decided it would be fun to work with this photo. The photo isn't spectacular, it's a little dark because the sun was almost down by the time my daughter finished her masterpiece. But this was a proud moment for my daughter and I knew she would love a page about it. I wanted to keep it simple because I was tired and I didn't have a lot of time to put into it. Lately, I've enjoyed leaving my pictures big on the layout so I decided to do that and frame the picture with a white border. My entire inspiration on this one was about color. I wanted to pick up on her pink fuzzy vest and her blue coat (that was mostly falling off of her in this picture - LOL!) I looked through my previews (or if I was paper scrapping I would have browsed my paper at this point.) I found the perfect colors in a kit called "spring fling" of all places. The pink and blue were perfect. I wanted something to break the line between the 2 papers so I chose a stitch and I thought a blanket stitch seemed wintery. Then I didn't feel like it needed a lot more but I played around with putting some snowflakes on it and decided against it. Thought a bold and white title was really all it needed. So I played around with fonts until I got the look I wanted and voila! a layout was done!

Do you have a question for the scrapbook lady? Ask away! You can leave a comment right here on the blog on any entry or you can email me at

I have about 8 questions in line to be answered right now and I won't be posting questions every day so it might take awhile, but I promise that I will get to it. Sometimes if I get enough of the same type of question, I will pick one and reply to it directly but it will in turn answer the others as well.

Happy asking!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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