Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Scrap Attack

I got a few pages done last night and they all are very much in the spirit of Valentine's Day so I thought I would post them all together.

The first one is about a special evening that two of my sweethearts spent together.

This was such a special event, I couldn't wait to do a layout for it!

Journaling reads " Daddy decided that he needed to take his princess out for a special evening of dinner and dancing. He wanted you to know that you are special and you deserve to expect your future dates to treat you as good as he did!"

Everything is from Gina Miller but I used a few different kits. Flower is from Gina's Shabby Chic flowers. Charcoal dot papers are from Dame Parfaite, and the pink and burgundy papers are from Gina's Vintage Poppy Flower collection.

Fonts are Dokyo and Di.

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Here's another one about my daughter's creative Valentines.

Ribbon and elements from Funny Valentine by Sara Carling and Mindy Terasawa. Font is Andy.

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and the Sweet Shoppe Designer Gallery.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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Anonymous said...

I logged on your site to see if you had been able to enjoy the video of the autistic basketball player. Our son Mike Gower sent it to us and I wanted to share....I see you have already experienced the thrill of the whole thing. We LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!! I put that video into my FAVORITE FILE along with SCRAPEBOOK LADY.
Your old great aunt Venna Jean