Friday, March 31, 2006

still scrappin!

I will post the roundup later on today...

I had a great scrapping day yesterday! I think taking a few days off really rejuvenated me.

Super Smiley

This ended up being one of my favorite layouts even though it is quite simple in design. Nothing like doing a page about a great memory!

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of my Dad. Can you tell that he is a great Dad? - I've always been close to him - even when I was a teenager so I'm pretty lucky that way!

I did this layout in honor of Goof Off Day in March - the idea was in my March edition of an Amazing Month of Memories.

I used Ashley Olson's Touch of Home kit - which I just LOVE! The beige background is from Jen Wilson's Innocent Creme pack. Fonts are 2Peas submarine and Duke (which is a commerical font.)

It is posted at Scrapbook Bytes in the Week 3 challenge gallery. Also at 2 Peas and The Digi Chick.

The next layout was fun one to do -

My daughter has sooooo many stuffed animals and she really plays with all of them - so I guess it is a good thing. Last summer we had a big photo shoot with all the animals so I have some fun pictures from that to scrap. When I asked her what kind of holiday she would make up, she had several answers, but I thought this one was the most fitting for her!

Paper and elements from Digital Scrapbook Memories CD, fonts are 2Peas Flower Garden and Abadi Mt. Condensed. Idea from March edition of Katie the Scrapbook Lady's Amazing Month of Memories.

Posted at 2Peas and Scrapbook Bytes.

Well, I guess I better stop scrapping for now and get something else done!
Remember to check back later for the Roundup!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Scrapping March

So can you believe that tomorrow is the last day of March? Where did this month go?

If you have been a blog reader of mine for more than a month, you know what I will be posting about the next 2 days...Roundup! So get ready to close out the month and start preparing for April.


I'm working on that very goal right now. I did some scrapping today since my Mom and brother left this morning.

I had so much fun doing these spring pages and it was very enjoyable to try a new style. I did what is called in scrap language a "scraplift." Ju Bean is one of my favorites on the digital board at 2Peas so I borrowed her "mojo" today and created this 2 page layout:

You can see Gail's layout that I used for the lift at 2Peas.

I went looking for Spring the other day, and there isn't a lot of it around here, but I did find a few fun things to photograph.

All papers and elements are from Mindy Terasawa (Sweet Shoppe) Pocket full of Posies kit. Layout inspiration from Katie the Scrapbook Lady March edition of an Amazing Month of Memories. Fonts are Monika and Dream Orphans.

Layouts posted at 2Peas Digital Gallery and Scrapbook Bytes (page 1) and (page 2) and The Sweet Shoppe (page 1) and (page 2)

I also did the Coca-Cola challenge layout today:

Posted at 2Peas and Scrapbook Bytes in the Month of Memories gallery.

Ok, you would never believe how long this page took me because the way it ended up is extremely simple! I spent way too much time trying to find the perfect elements and papers and finally just gave up and used simple shapes. I love the Loki-Cola font and wanted to use it for this layout so I guess that is my embellishment.

We had a blast on our Vegas trip in 2001 and I have been wanting to scrap it forever. I used the theme day from my March edition of the Amazing Month of Memories to inspire me to finally get going on this.

I'm going to start working on my quote shop and getting a shopping cart going on my site so stay tuned...hopefully it will be up and running next week!


In the meantime, per popular request, I have at least added a button to my site where you can order the March and April editions together at the same time. It is at the bottom of the ordering page. Please know that the ideas from any given month's issue can really be used all throughout the year. You will want them all!

So get ready to join me in a Roundup tomorrow - see you then!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

bonus post!

I know I already blogged today but I wanted to tell you a couple of quick things:


1- Free kit is up at 2Peas and it is my favorite free kit yet! In fact, I think it may be the foundation of my new art journal for Rhonna's challenge.

- just a note, I've had a hard time downloading the 2Peas kit because I think everyone is trying to at the same time, so you may want to wait awhile!

2- Free kit is up at Shabby Princess and it is a darling spring, flowery theme.

3- The albums I blogged about earlier today - the We R Memory Keepers post bound linen album is available at Michaels - which is a bummer since I bought 2 of them yesterday at full price. But at least I can let you all know to use the weekly 40% coupon if you have a Michael's nearby. There was no coupon this week, but I think next week I will be heading to Michael's to get another one of these!

Ok, that's all for now...

Kitty 1

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Scrapbook Lady goes scrapbook shopping!

Hit the "big ones" today with my Mom.

Memories in Bountiful, Utah

Heartland Paper in Bountiful

Paper Creations in Salt Lake City (Brickyard)


Want to know what I bought? Sure you do....

Tag Maker

Notch Tool

I haven't really had a chance to try either of these tools yet so I will let you know what I think of them after I get a chance to play.

I found my new favorite scrapbook album an 8x8 linen album that can fit TONS of page refills! Never bought anything from this company before, but I'm thrilled with these!
updated link -
someone asked me in the comments section where I got this album and I realized the link was expired so I updated it. I purchased these albums at Paper Creations but I know that you can get them other places. I think these are the ones that Stacy Julian has started using and she lives in Arizona. It also looks like you can order online. They are a bit pricey, but you can fit a ton of pages in them so it would be the equivalent of having 2 very full regular 8x8 albums.

I was really proud of myself for not buying a single sheet of scrapbook paper - this is nothing short of a miracle! However, since I already own enough paper to wallpaper myself a path to China, I figured I could do without any more...especially now that I'm primarily a digi scrapper!

Angel 1

Pretty good day for the scrapbook lady!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Am I cute or what?!

Seriously... I think this "cartoon" format is a better look for me!

I know you are going to want your own little chick so be sure to visit
I found out about this company from Lindsay Teague and I promptly submitted my order. It was approx $7 U.S. dollars and my little self can be used for as a web icon or in my signature line. You will be seeing my picture here on the blog and probably in my sig lines soon!


Lots of shopping today with my Mom and brother. In fact, I was so worn out that I had to come home and have a short nap! Even with the nap, I can barely keep my eyes open now.


We went to a lot of quilt and embroidery stores today. I am not a quilter like my mom is (I've made a few simple quilts) but it is still fun to go along and see all the neat ideas. One store was super nice and even let us take pictures inside. If you love fabric and are in Salt Lake City, Utah - you have got to check out Quilts Etc. - what an amazing store!

Here are some pretty colors to enjoy:


I'll take my camera with me tomorrow so I hope to have some fun things to share with you then.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Shopping to begin tomorrow...

My Mom & brother arrived yesterday about 4:00 p.m. and by the time we got to my house and had dinner, there was only time for one short craft store trip. Since we don't shop on Sundays, the real enabling will begin tomorrow!

I'm still hoping to get all my layouts done for the week 2 challenge at Scrapbook Bytes, but it is looking doubtful at this time of night. Oh well, I really want to be keeping up with all the challenges, but I might have to remember that a week where I put out a new edition and have a design team call might just get a little crazy!

Lava Lamp

I did get some time to work on a girl scout cookies page. I hope you don't think less of me when you find out how addicted to cookies I am!


Posted at 2Peas and Scrapbook Bytes

Fonts are 2Peas Garden Girls Love Me and 2 Peas Well Behaved.
Ribbons and Brad are from Gina Miller.

Hope you have a happy Monday!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Saturday, March 25, 2006

A scrappy Saturday and someone is coming to visit...

Been so busy writing and picking my new creative team this week, that I haven't had much time to scrap!

It just doesn't feel right if I'm not working on a layout or two.

Even though I was tired last night, I decided that it would be good to have some creating time.

Want to see?

Pot Of Gold

Posted at 2Peas and Scrapbook Bytes (in the Week 2 Month of Memories Challenge)

The only elements I used for this are from Trish Jones' Elementary Electic series in green. I love all the little doo dads included with this set and can't wait to use more!

So guess who is coming to visit me?


My mom and my youngest brother are coming to stay for 5 days.

Now if you have read this blog at all, you will know that my Mom is my biggest enabler! We are going to spend a few days hitting all the scrapbook, craft, and quilting stores within driving distance so I'm going to have lots to tell you about and some fun pictures to share from our adventures.

I may not be as active on the boards as I usually am for a few days while they are here, but I promise to still blog here everyday.


The April Month of Memories is available on my website and my team has already started creating with it so I will share some links in a few days.

Have a Happy Saturday!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Thursday, March 23, 2006

My new Creative Team!

Get a load of all this talent!

Trish Jones
Trish lives in Australia and loves using quotes on her layouts. I love her eclectic style and she is an amazing digital designer who sells her products at Scrapbook Bytes and Scrap Happy Studios.

Kathy Wagner -
If you have ever spent any time in the 2Peas digital scrapbooing area, Kathy is a familiar face. She is so involved in the community there and I love the way she spreads sunshine wherever she goes. Kathy has lived in Missouri all of her life and is fairly new to digital scrapbooking. She is a very dedicated scrapbooker and her gallery is full of fun layouts.

Tracie Radtke -
Tracie is a homeschooling Mom who is a Texas transplant. She was selected for Digital Scrapbooking Magazine’s Best & Brightest of 2006. She is also a very talented photographer, so you will want to take a look through her amazing gallery of layouts.

Ashley Olson -
Talented digi designer Ashley Olson (Ash) has already created a great page based on one of the April challenges in the Amazing Month of Memories. You can see it here on her blog and be sure to check out her gorgeous designs at Scrapbook Bytes.

Crissy Hunt
An active member in the digital scrapbooking community, Crissy always takes the time to notice other's work and make them feel welcom. She is someone who explores many creative styles in her scrapping and her gallery is filled with many wonderful pages to inspire you.

Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Kristin lives in Canada and has worked as a graphic designer and has a certificate in Visual Arts. Her proudest accomplishment was "getting to design a 2006 calendar for the canadian cancer society and seeing how happy those ladies were!" Be sure to take a look through her wonderful gallery.

Jen Caputo -
A software engineer by day and a web designer/srapper/crafter by night, Jen also finds time to run her own site where she sells bookmaking supplies and Caputo's Kits. She has had digital pages and cards published and writes a monthly column for the Digital Deck of SS Reflections.

Amanda Gale Lee
Amanda is a a digital designer and co-partner of She lives "deep in the heart of Texas" and used to be a 4th grade school teacher before becoming a SAHM. She has a beautiful scrapping style and can take a look through her gallery here.

I'm also so pleased to have 3 of my original Creative Team members on board. They have stayed with me through a lot of changes and I really appreciate all their talent and hard work!

I need to update their bios but here are the ones I posted when the originally joined my team:




So basically... I'm thrilled with my team and can't wait to see what they create with my quotes and the Amazing Month of Memories series! Speaking of which...


You are doing a wondeful job of spreading the word on this. Lots of scrapper's have taken advantage of the secret sale. Have you?

Click on the pay pal box below to get to the sale link:

Hope you have a Happy Friday!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Creative Team and April is on sale!

I have mailed out all the Creative Team emails this morning. 1 message bounced back because their email inbox was full so if you applied for the team and didn't get an email, clear some space and I will send it again!

Can you believe that 42 scrapbookers applied!!! Talk about making it tough on me to decide! But I'm very excited about my final choices and I will announce them later on today after I hear back from everyone.

Oh, and Mr. Smily is thrilled to announce that he is going to be on my blog team! Thanks for all your comments and Mr. Smiley thanks you for your support!

The April edition of the Amazing Month of Memories is ready for sale! Now I've given you lots of hints about a sale and here's the scoop:


50% off for 48 hours only! That means it is only $2.50 and you will truly be AMAZED at all I packed into this thing! I went a little crazy with April and it ended up being HUGE!

With 31 pages containing more than 109 calendar inspired ideas, and 66 links to explore you will have no shortage of material to propel your scrapbooking to new heights of meaningful creativity.

Are you excited? I know I am!

The special price is a blog only offer. Feel free to tell all your friends, but I'm not going to announce it anywhere else. If you have a blog - post about the sale there so everyone can get this great deal.

Then on Saturday at approximately 8 a.m. Mountain time, the sale link will expire and the April issue will go up for sale on my website.

Click on the pay pal box below to get to the sale link:

I will be checking my email throughout the day and sending out the pdf file as payments are processed.

Thanks again for helping me to share an Amazing Month of Memories with scrapbookers all over the world!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Other blogs I enjoy

First of all - I'm happy to report that Sharyn got in touch with me! She was pretty suprised to open up my blog and find her name there! LOL!

The next order of business is....

Do you like the smilies?
Thumbs Up

or do you not like the smilies?

I'm mixed on it. I like them because they break up the text and make the blog entries a little easier to read. I also like them because I want you to know that I am smiling at my many blog readers! This blog makes me happy! I can organize and share my scrapbooking ideas and thoughts, and I have met so many amazing people here!

I am not sure if they are annoying or distracting though to some people so just let me know your thoughts either way ok? I want this to be a blog that is fun and easy to read. Which brings me to today's topic...

I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite blogs with you. I will try and do this every once in awhile so you can find some other fun blogs to inspire you.

Just promise me that you will still come back to mine, ok? LOL!
Wakka Wakka

I really enjoy Wendy Smedley's blog. She has a knack for finding great links to share and she is also the Creative Editor of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine.

Sophia Corbridge's blog is a recent discovery of mine, I can't even remember how I ran into it to tell you the truth. She does a great job with all her entries and you always leave feeling inspired. I really like her Stuff Portrait idea and I am going to do one of these myself.

Do you ever read someone's blog and think I bet if I knew that person "in real life" (IRL) that we would be friends? That is how I feel about Scraprascal, aka Jenn Olson. I just read her blog and see her amazing layouts online, but I can tell that she is someone I would enjoy hanging out with. She is an amazing photographer! And it was just announced that she is a new Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame Winner!

Creative Collage and Crafty Girl blogs are both run by the very talented Kelly Angard. I love to see what she is creating and quite frankly, I just envy her amazing talent! There is always something inspiring on her blogs.

Someone who always makes me giggle is Donna Downey. Just look at this picture of her and Cathy Zielske and you will see what I mean! Sometimes it is just nice to see that these extremely talented scrapbook "celebrities" are just as silly as the rest of us!

So what do I look for in a blog? What keeps me coming back for more? The number one reason is content. You have to be saying something that I'm interested in. I also like to see pictures (which just made me realize that this post doesn't have any!) and it is important that the blog is well organized and easy to read. Even the best content just isn't worth squinting for.

Here's some things to avoid:

Bright or dark colored backgrounds. They may be fun, but it is just too hard to read the text.

Lots of text without spacing. There is one blog that I tried to read for a long time because I was really interested in her story, but I finally gave up because even on my bloglines reader it is too hard to read.

I read A LOT of blogs but I enjoy keeping in touch with other scrapbookers. If you have a blog, let me know and I would love to visit!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Calling Sharyn!


I have 1 customer that I haven't been able to send the March Month of Memories to and I don't know of any other way to contact her.

So hopefully she will see this and let me know how I can get it to her.

If you use yahoo email (or another similar service) please turn off your junk mail filter for my address of or I won't be able to send it to you!


Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Week 2 is up at SBB!

Week 2 of the challenges based on the March edition of my Amazing Month of Memories are now posted at Scrapbook Bytes if you want to play along.

Last week, those who completed the challenges got a gift certificate to Scrapbook Bytes so I am going to treat myself to some digi shopping a little later on.

But for now, I've got a busy, busy day ahead!

I'm finishing up the April edition of the Amazing Month of Memories. If I may say so is going to be Amazing!

Working on some quote packs and getting inspired to scrap.

Sorting through creative team emails - holy cow! You guys are blowing me away with all your talent. It is so fun to look through all your galleries and see what creative and dedicated scrappers there are out there.

Starting on the Week 2 challenges - I love participating in this!

Going to the grocery store - can't think of much that I like about that, but at least we will have food to eat! Been pretty lean here lately because I really do not enjoy grocery shopping. Rather be here at my computer you know!?

Maybe I will make it a trip to Super Target instead so I can get some "essentials." LOL! Oh, and Chicken Little comes out on DVD today so I think I will treat the family to a new DVD.

Doing some crafts with my daughter this afternoon and listening to Harry Potter with my son.

Now that is a what I call a good day!

Famous 5

Hope you enjoy your day also!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady