Thursday, March 23, 2006

Creative Team and April is on sale!

I have mailed out all the Creative Team emails this morning. 1 message bounced back because their email inbox was full so if you applied for the team and didn't get an email, clear some space and I will send it again!

Can you believe that 42 scrapbookers applied!!! Talk about making it tough on me to decide! But I'm very excited about my final choices and I will announce them later on today after I hear back from everyone.

Oh, and Mr. Smily is thrilled to announce that he is going to be on my blog team! Thanks for all your comments and Mr. Smiley thanks you for your support!

The April edition of the Amazing Month of Memories is ready for sale! Now I've given you lots of hints about a sale and here's the scoop:


50% off for 48 hours only! That means it is only $2.50 and you will truly be AMAZED at all I packed into this thing! I went a little crazy with April and it ended up being HUGE!

With 31 pages containing more than 109 calendar inspired ideas, and 66 links to explore you will have no shortage of material to propel your scrapbooking to new heights of meaningful creativity.

Are you excited? I know I am!

The special price is a blog only offer. Feel free to tell all your friends, but I'm not going to announce it anywhere else. If you have a blog - post about the sale there so everyone can get this great deal.

Then on Saturday at approximately 8 a.m. Mountain time, the sale link will expire and the April issue will go up for sale on my website.

Click on the pay pal box below to get to the sale link:

I will be checking my email throughout the day and sending out the pdf file as payments are processed.

Thanks again for helping me to share an Amazing Month of Memories with scrapbookers all over the world!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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Maggie said...

Hi Katie:
I am so sad I didn't get an EMail :( I am bouncing but not anymore.
Have a great weekend.