Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Free to be me

Free fallin

Free for all

Ok, so I've got FREE on the mind today. I introduced my Sister in Law to digi scrapping yesterday and pointed her in the direction of some great freebies that I regularly share here. For the next 4 days I will include 3 great links each day to check out for free digital goodies.

Today's links are:

Shabby Princess - of course!

Scrap Artist - a great collection of user submitted freebies

Scrapbook Bytes
- Hello! Where have I been? I just barely realized these were available. :)

As a thank you to my faithful blog readers and the many scrappers who have purchased the March edition of an Amazing Month of Memories, I'm going to post a different free gift for you each day here for the next 4 days. When it's gone, it's gone so you have to come here each day!

You are welcome to tell all your friends about it, just have them come here to get the link. Please don't just forward the free download on to them. It's not ok to share freebies but it is more than OK to share the link where you found them! (In fact please do!)

I've been designing quote packs and they will be for sale soon. The quotes I offer over the next few days will be packaged for sale as part of the "Great Women Series" in honor of Women's History Month. If you are following along in the Amazing Month of Memories you will have lots of ideas for how to use these quotes and some fit in nicely with other holidays in March also.

Here's the sample image: Click on it to see a larger view

These were created with commercial use fonts and saved on a transparent background in a png file. You can use them in any photo editing program or even in your Word Processing program. It is easy to change the font color in your own program.

If you get a minute, let me know what you think about these!

You can download this free gift here - just look for the green box in the lower left hand corner.

Don't forget to tell your friends and be sure to come back for another one tomorrow!

Happy Downloading!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Julie Jewels said...

Beautiful quotes! Thank you for sharing! And thank you for telling us to look for the green box-I never would've found them!

Karen said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks for the quotes. They made me think of a book I just received from Amazon (haven't read it yet) called Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America. It got such a rave review in the NY Times, I ordered it. It's on the top of my summer reading pile.

Maggie said...

Congratulations on finishing the 21 day Challenge.
I am starting the month of March memories, I am currently gathering memories for the month of March. I just finish a visit to the King TUT exhibiton in Fort Lauderdale, on my way to the Seminole tomorow to witness a show.
Thank you so much for your kinds comments on the challenge I posted.
Havea great week.