Saturday, March 11, 2006

Random scrapbook blogging

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday and I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me cards, emails and left comments here on the blog. You all made my day so special!

One reader let me know that no one is really sure when Osama bin Laden's birthday is so I guess I don't have to worry too much about sharing my birthday with him after all!

We went to see Deep Sea 3D as a family and it was fascinating! You need to check out the website and go to the creatures section and look at the wolf eel - that has to be the ugliest fish I have ever seen! The 3D was the most impressive 3D filming I have ever seen, I flinched several times because I thought the squids were going to get me!

I only had 2 complaints about the movie:

1 - it was too short. At 45 minutes it just didn't seem long enough for the price we paid to get in. The kids asked "was that it?" and my husband jokingly answered "no that was just the preview" and they believed him for a few minutes. LOL!

2 - Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet were the narrators and I really wish they could have worked out a way to SHOW us Johnny Depp. Ok, it would have nothing to do with the movie at all, but come on! It's Johnny Depp! :) So here's a little something that I wish I could have seen for my birthday! LOL!

OOPS! I is this scrapbook related? Well, I'm sure I could make a page out of it! Ok, back on topic now!

So what do I usually blog about the most?

Don't you just love this word cloud? These are the words I use most frequently on this blog! Go to snapshirts and click on custom - then put in your blog url to get a preview of your own word cloud. You can even order a shirt with it on!

I've been working hard on my art journal! I've posted more pages in my original entry. I'm sticking with my personal theme for March of FINISHING!

I found a very cool challenge posted by Jessica on the eclectic scraps blog. It is for a photographic Q & A challenge with 20 questions to inspire you. You can see more details here. She even included a free printable for you to use. She is not too fussy on a finish date, but she is aiming for April 1st to have hers done. I am excited to give this a try!

Trish Jones has a layout for dollars contest going on this week. You can earn a $1 coupon for every layout you do using Trish Jones' designs this week!

Create a new layout using a purchased kit from the SBB store by
Trish Jones. No free kits or duo kits please. Layouts must be 95%
Trish stuff, other small details are welcome. Maximum redemption is $5 (in coupons to Trishs' store).

Email her a full link of your layout to
coupons will be issued after March 17
Layouts for Dollars runs March 10 - March 17

Have fun! And don't forget to check out Trishs' new designs!

Kim Christensen has some darling twill flowers as a freebie on her blog!

Scrap Artist is doing some spring cleaning and making room for new designs. Lots of good stuff at 50% off!

Maggie, one of my blog readers has shared an experience that is worth sharing. She talks about helping her Local Scrapbook Store owner out of a tough situation. Then she offered a challenge to think "What ways have you make a difference in someone's life?I challenge you to make a difference whether paying the toll for the person behind you, or offering to read to an elderly person in a nursing room you don't know. Make a difference!"
Thanks Maggie for the inspiration!

So pretty random stuff here today - consider it my weekend tidy up session.

Don't forget about the Scrapbook Bytes weekly challenge starting Monday. It will be a great way to inspire you to use the ideas in my March Month of Memories file!

If you are following along with the Month of Memories - you will probably enjoy what's on my quote blog today.

Be sure you got the March freebie from me and if you made it this far in my post I'm going to give you a couple of hints... There will be another freebie posted here next week, and the design team call will be coming at the same time. ;)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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Ashley said...

Katie, this is a great post! Okay, so it's a mishmash, but so what! It's a great mix :) I totally loved the comment about Johnny Depp *lol*
I'm so sorry I didn't know it was your birthday! Item to add to my list of things to do: Get all my CT birthdays. :) I'm glad you had a great time!
I'm gonna go check out that word cloud now! How fun!
PS I'm having a mod going away sale for the week (65% off)