Saturday, March 04, 2006

Stuff I've been meaning to tell you about...

Working on finishing things!

Today I will focus on all the blog stuff I've been meaning to post but haven't yet. No way I can finish this task EVER because there literally is so much I want to share here about scrapbooking! But, this will at least whittle down the list a bit.

The Digi Chick is having it's grand reopening celebration this weekend and today everything in the Boutique is 50% off!

Making Memories has a blog!

The new free {pea} kit is up at 2 Peas - really cute!

Scrapbook Bytes has tons of info for scrapbookers who are interested in learning about digital scrapbooking, fonts, and other technical issues like burning to a cd.

The Self Portrait Tuesday Challenge for March is the passage of time. Get started soon on doing something each day for this one. They want a series of 7 pictures a week and basically a picture a day to chronicle some passage of time. I'm very excited about this one. I've started it - just got to finish it!

There's a new site called Dollar Scrapbooking that sells high quality, discontinued items from great scrapbook designers and companies. I've put the link on my sidebar also under Paper Scrapbook Shopping.

There's a new challenge blog called Inspire Me Thursday. This looks really neat! I've included it on my Daily Challenges entry and the sidebar under Thursday of course!

I've added 6 new links for fonts on the sidebar and a graphic link to the scrapability blog rolls if you want to look for hundreds of other scrapping bloggers!

Oh and one last thing. I've only been tracking my blog stats since the end of December but yesterday at 5 p.m. my 10,001st blog visitor logged on! So in 67 days I've had 10,001 blog visitors and 24,764 total page views. Not bad for one scrapbook lady!

Thanks to all my faithful blog readers. I know that not all of those 10,000 have stayed around, but there are A LOT of you who did and I want you to know how much I appreciate it!

If you like this blog, please tell a friend. :)

Scrapbook...because life is worth remembering!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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Maggie said...

I'm turning into a blog stalker. :) I'm constantly running to your blog to see what new idea you are brewing.:) I luv it.