Monday, April 10, 2006

1st of 2 posts today

I had a great weekend and I'm rested and ready to blog again!

Light Bulb

I'm going to post again later on today so I can kick off my new "theme of the week" idea. You are going to have to come back this afternoon to find out what I'm taking about.

I wanted to get a quick post off this morning though for a few reasons:

1- This is the last day my new quote packs are on sale for only $1.00 - that's $1.00 for 20 quotes!

2- There is a free gift on my site for the month of April. Only 79 people have downloaded it so far so I know there are a lot of you out there who might have missed it.

3- I did have one reader find 2 typos on my website so Michelle (yes, another Michelle!) earned $10 in free items from me. She picked the April Month of Memories, the Mini Album Patterns, and the Spring and Women Quote Packs.

I've now corrected those typos and they were so little that I would have never caught them because I have stared at those pages for so long. If you find a typo or a broken link anywhere on the pages of just email me at and if you are the first one to find it, you get a $5.00 credit for my store. This blog doesn't count for the typo contest because I'm sure I make a lot of typos here since I type so much each day! LOL!

3- I neglected to give out the correct answers for the other contest that has already ended. I had 3 winners already that I listed in Saturday's entry. Here are the questions again with the correct answers:

How many times have I been published - articles and layouts?

5 times - 4 layouts and 1 feature article. The answer is on my scrap bio page.

How many items do I have for sale in my new shop?

6 right now; 2 issues of the Amazing Month of Memories, 1 set of Mini Album Patterns, and 3 quote packs.

How many pages about autism are there on my site?
6 pages total. I think they are all very important - but if I could pick just one page that I hope everyone would read it would have to be "Not Autistic" so I hope you will take a minute and look it over.

What month and year did I start doing Roundups?
January 2006. The answer is on my roundup page of course!

How many pages are in the April issue of Amazing Month of Memories?
31 pages with a lot of fun stuff!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!

Ok, I'll meet you back here later today!


Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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LeXiee said...

Hey Katie!!

I found a free online Website checker.

I entered your website and it seems like everything is ok. They mention that your site is GOOD for search engine capability.

Hope this helps! :)

I also checked with another website checker and got the same results. Well they do show any word containing Blog is an error.. but whatever heeh We all know what it is! :)