Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ali Edwards - helping you find your own style


Re-reading Ali's book this week has been a great exercise in creativity for me. So inspired by her and her unique style. I love that she encourages scrapbookers to find and embrace their own personal style. She suggests looking through the layouts you have created and picking the ones you like the best. Decide what it is that you like about those particular pages and you will start to understand your own style. Do you like patterned paper? white space? color blocking? collage techniques? In her words, "What speaks to you about YOUR pages?"

I decided to take a look through my digital gallery since I feel that I am beginning again to define my style now that I'm a digital scrapbooker. A lot of the early pages were experimenting with this new medium. Just like in my first days as a paper scrapper, there was a learning curve that involved simply understanding how to use the tools. It was fun and exciting for me to feel like a beginner again after 20+ years as a paper scrapper. That was and still is part of the appeal of digital for me. Truthfully, I still have a lot to learn, but that is a challenge I enjoy. I'm not sure if I have really found "my style" yet as a digital scrapbooker because I have been having fun trying new techniques.

Here are the trends I see so far in my favorite digital pages and one of my past pages to illustrate each point:

1- Big pictures. Now that I don't have to order enlargements, I'm love having the ability to make my pictures fill the whole page if I want to. I love making the photo the star of the page.

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2- Font work and word art.
I'm at the beginning of the learning curve on this, but my favorite layouts often include funky or unusual fonts and quotes or word art. I guess this is the writer in me, because I simply love words.

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3- White space. I do love the clean look of white, and also any color of empty space. Again, it lets the photos and words take center stage.

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4 - Sepia, black & white, and colorized photos. I love having the option to change the way a picture looks to match the mood of my layout.

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5- Linear design. I have become much more linear since converting to digital. I used to tilt my pictures all the time, but I'm having a hard time doing that now - seems like I really like clean lines and color blocking as well.

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6- Meaningful journaling. By far, my favorite layouts are the ones that I poured my heart into the words on the page.

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So take Ali's advice and look through your creations and think about what defines your style. If you have her Designer's Eye book, pages 168-172 are all about this topic.

There is no right or wrong way kind of style...enjoy yours and make it your own!

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Katie the Scrapbook Lady



AngelArelle aka Cherie Shields said...

Hi Katie

Very interesting bit about defining style ... I don't think I have a specific style as I like to try it all. I guess as I'm always learning something new and experimenting I have the attention span of a guppy to any particular design style.

I'm also going to tag you - because someone tagged me. You have to write about somebody you admire. So who do you admire?

AngelArelle aka Cherie Shields said...

oh and I forgot the bit where you tag 4 people and challenge them to do the same.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your list of what you like best in your layouts. Great insights into your own preferences and I liked revisiting the pages you used as examples. I think your list defines excellence in digital pages. I see the makings of your own book, Katie.