Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ali Edwards Inspiration


I blogged about Ali's "Designer's Eye" book yesterday, so I really feel like I must mention that she has another one coming out this June called "A Designer's Eye for scrapbooking with patterned paper." You can pre-order it on the Creating Keepsakes Website I actually did just pre-order it, which is pretty unusual for me since I live fairly close to several scrapbooking stores. Sometimes it is just nice not to have to try and chase something down - worth the shipping cost for that!

I also decided to pre-order Ali's new font CD coming out in May while I was at the CK website, so I dropped some serious change all in the name of Ali today! Totally worth it though in my opinion.

I figure that I need to get my hands on the real Ali's handwriting. Some of you may know about this whole controversy, but I have to admit I was oblivious until just a few weeks ago. I won't name the particular font because I really don't want to point any more people to it than I already have, but I guess someone scanned in Ali Edward's handwriting from her first book and made a font out of it. Not cool.
So sad that stuff like this happens.


Ok, on to more about Ali... I've been studying her scrapping style this week and I still am planning to do some heavy lifting (scraplifting that is) but in the meantime, I used some Ali inspiration for the following layout:

While this isn't a lift of any Ali layout, it was still inspired by her great sense of design. She uses a lot of what she calls "photo bars" or strips of mulitiple photos.

This is my entry for the Sugar Babe contest going on at the Sweet Shoppe. I used the Serenity kit by Andrea Victoria and the fonts are Monotype Corsiva and Fine Hand.

Posted at 2Peas and The Sweet Shoppe

Journaling reads:

I am here. I always have been, and I will do my best to be there for you any time you need me.

I was there for your first breath, your first steps, and comforted you the first time you fell. No milestone has passed without me there cheering you on, often with a camera in my hand. That is the way it should be, what being your mother is all about.

Each step you take into the future is uncharted. All I can do to reassure myself, is to reflect upon the past. Every picture is proof to me that your foundation is a strong one. You have good memories to build upon.

You will need my guiding hand less and less as you continue to grow, but I know you will remember that you can take my hand at any time and I will gladly be there .

Love, Mom
April 2006

Thanks for looking!

- Personal note about this layout:
I read the journaling out loud to my 9 year old daughter to see how it sounded and she and I both ended up in what we call "happy tears." I figure that is the only prize I need for this layout - so I'm happy with it no matter what happens with the Sugar Babe thing. Just so glad for the motivation to work on such a meaningful topic.

Day 4 of Ali coming your way tomorrow so see you then.


Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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Kelly (kellbuckley) said...

Your journalling is just amazing on your LO! Don't see how it could get much better than that!