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Katie's March Roundup

The fabulous Angie Pedersen recommended the roundup on her blog.

I love seeing other people's roundups so if you want to - send me a link to your own roundup if you post it publicly.


Here's my March Roundup!

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?

I didn't read a lot this month - but I think you will notice that the book I read had a big influence on me because I had my best writing month ever!!!

Pen on Fire! by Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

I also read out loud to both of my kids individually each night before bed. I really should write down the books that we read and do a scrapbook page about them. We read a couple of our favorites this month that I highly recommend.

I'm in Charge of Celebrations - any scrapbooker would appreciate this one!

The Secret Knowledge of Grownups
- We LOVE this one! Makes us giggle every time.

The Secret Knowledge of Grownups:The Second File
- Every bit as fun as the first one!

Dr. Welch and the Great Grape Story
- a true story about how Dr. Welch (a dentist) decided to make non-alchoholic grape juice.

My son and I finished listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on audio cd. We've listened to this before, but it was fun to review it.

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?

I can't think of one tv show I watched this month. I caught a few bits and pieces here and there, but I really haven't sat down and watched a show in the longest time!

I did watch quite a few movies with my kids:

Veggie Tales Lord of the Beans
with my daughter. It is a cute one and if you are Veggie Tales fan, then you will like it.

Deep Sea 3D in an IMAX theater with my kids and hubby. This was what we did on my birthday. I reviewed this movie in a previous blog entry

Chicken Little on DVD with my Mom and daughter. I saw this in theaters back in November but this was the first time I've watched it on DVD. It was cute, I don't think my Mom really enjoyed it, but my daughter loves it!

National Treasure on DVD - with my husband, kids, and my Mom and brother. This is one of our family's all time favorites. It is simple but we love the historical excitement and action. Don't think my Mom and brother enjoyed much and I know my Dad watched it once on a business trip and really did not like it at all. That's ok, to each his own. We will keep on watching it!

What special days did I celebrate and how?

My birthday!
on March 10th

My 15th Wedding Anniversary on March 22nd

My Mom and youngest brother coming to visit from March 25th-30th.

A variety of fun holidays because of the March edition of An Amazing Month of Memories - a few worth mentioning are:

St. Patrick's Day

Middle Name Pride Day

National Waffle Day - this was the one my kids were the most excited about! I still need to do a layout about our celebration.

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try in March?

Nothing noteworthy!

What illnesses or health concerns did I have in March?

None! Amazingly, since my daughter got sick. I always get sick when she does! 3rd month in a row that I can credit Airborne for keeping me healthy.

I did get very tired after marathon shopping days with my mom during her visit. I can't keep up with her!

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?

I mentioned a lot of them already...birthday, visit from Mom and brother.

Besides those, I would have to say that I've enjoyed a weekly date with my husband. For most of our married life, this has not been possible. But now we have found a wonderful respite provider for our children. She is expensive but she is great with the kids and she is very sensitive with my son's special needs. They just love her and it has been great for us as a couple to have a weekly date time!

Also did a craft almost every day with my daughter in honor of National Craft month.

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

I was good to not spend a lot of money this month. We tried to run a pretty tight ship because we need to do a fence and our basement soon. I'm also saving up for a laptop computer.

I did do some scrapbook shopping and I bought a new watch with my birthday money. Still even have some birthday money to spend.

What were this month’s disappointments?

I really had a great month. Not too many disappointments to report. I did apply for a design team and did not make the cut, but I don't feel too bad about that.

I guess my biggest disappointment is that I didn't take better care of my health. I did walk on the treadmill quite regularly at the first of the month. I did a total of 9 miles and I started a diet and was really good for about 10 days. I ate mostly veggies, fruits and vegetable soup but I only lost 1 pound and gave up. I have not been able to lose weight for the past few years no matter what I try. But I guess I have tried to improve my health this month so that is a good thing.

Oh, and I deleted my entire email account on the 31st of March!

What were my accomplishments this month?

I guess I will toot my own horn for a minute here because I feel like I really accomplished a lot in the month of March!

Sold a lot of copies of the March edition of an Amazing Month of Memories.

Wrote and published the April edition of an Amazing Month of Memories and so far sales are looking really good.

Scrapbook Bytes started a weekly challenge based on the Amazing Month of Memories series!

Invited to be on Trish Jones Creative Team

Still on Ashley Olson's Creative Team

and Mindy Terasawa's Creative Team

I completed 40 Digital Layouts including a 20 page art journal for Rhonna Farrer's first challenge!
Now my 2006 layout count total is 78 completed layouts.

Also completed 6 Quote cards.

I held a creative team call and ended up having 42 very talented scrappers apply! I chose 8 of them to join my wonderful existing 3 team members.

I gave away a March freebie and did 4 quote pack freebie giveaways. It's April now, so be watching for the April freebie to be posted soon!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady by the numbers:

As of March 31st - I've now had 16,577 blog visitors to the scrap blog
and 9,223 visitors to my quote blog

My website has had a total of 309,625 visitors!

My newsletter has 2,951 subscribers.

Now I'm going to finish up the rest of the roundup by doing all my unzipping, uploading, and backing up! Then I will be ready for an Amazing April!

I also use the same roundup list of questions to set goals for myself for the new month so I am going to work on that also. But for now I better get to bed. It is 11:00 p.m. here now, but with the whole Daylight Savings time change that means it really is midnight!

Good luck with your Roundup!


Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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