Monday, April 24, 2006

May issue on sale 50% off

Hear Ye!

My May issue of An Amazing Month of Memories is ready! I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I think you will be blown away by the amount of ideas, links, and other good "stuff" you will find in this fun scrapbooking guide. The May issue has:

4 month long themes
31 daily holidays
108 calendar inspired ideas
and 73 links to explore.

Some of the links will take you to free downloads of related fonts,
recipes and ideas that go along with the information I've included in the guide.

You know that I reward my loyal readers each month by offering each new issue at
50% off for 2 days only - that means until midnight on April 26th the May issue is only $2.50! I think the regular price of $5.00 is a great deal for all you get with this truly amazing resource - but $2.50 is a STEAL!

So don't wait around - get your copy now at my shop.


On Thursday (April 27th) I will have new quote packs for sale including a "Mega May" pack of quotes that will go along nicely with the Amazing Month of Memories series. I will do a 2 day introductory sale on Thursday and Friday for the new quote packs only so keep watching my blog this week.

Wakka Wakka

I wanted to share one more weekend layout with you - really happy with how this turned out and my brother was nice enough to let me share this with the world.

Posted at 2Peas and Scrapbook Bytes

I used Ashley Olson's new Comforting Quilt set which is available in her new AshScraps store! Love all her new stuff so be sure to check it out!

The scrabble tiles are a freebie from so be sure to grab those as well.

So are you ready for an Amazing Month of Memories this May? You are going to love my new guide so be sure to check it out - and don't forget the 2 day sale!

Spread the word ok?

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