Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quote pack companion for May

Next month I will release everything on one date, but it didnt' work out that way this month. I now have a companion quote pack ready to go with the May issue of the Amazing Month of Memories.

Now you will have a quote (and a few quips) to go with every theme and holiday in the May issue! I think they turned out really fun and I'm going to stay with the low price of only 10 cents a quote - which I think is an amazing bargain!

But.... if you buy the pack before May 1st it will be 50% off for a total cost of $1.75 - that is only a nickel a quote!!!

If you already have your May issue and just want the quote pack, go to this link.

If you haven't bought the May edition yet, you can get it along with the quotes in a combo pack deal so go to this link.

Back to my regular blogging in a little while.


Happy Thursday!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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Paula said...

I just read through my first purchase of Amazing Month of Memories. I am thrilled with it! I will shortly be ordering the Quote Pack, also. Reading through all the ideas made me think of pictures I could scrap and lead me into inspirations all my own. This will certainly be turning me into a scrapbooking ADDICT! Thanks Katie! I read your blog everyday!