Friday, April 28, 2006

Shopping stuff

Trish Jones has soooooo much stuff in her store, that there is no way you could have it all. In fact, it would be quite a feat to have even half of her amazing designs that are available. So I know you are going to find something great at her sale!

Check out the sale at Scrapbook Bytes!

Thumbs Up

I am proud of myself this month. I tried really hard to stick to the budget for groceries and miscellaneous and I actually made it! My hubby will be so happy and now because I have been a good girl and left some money for the end of the month, I get to place an amazon order for a few things I have had on my wish list. Want to know what I'm ordering?


The King's English - Adventures of an Independent Bookseller - I'm excited to read this one - my mom recommended it. The King's English is an independent bookstore in Salt Lake City, Utah and it is quite famous.

The Essential Shakespeare Handbook - We are Shakespeare fans!

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy I think this one looks interesting.

Books to Build On
A helpful reference for picking out good books for my kids.

Can you beat Ken? - This one is for my son who thinks Ken Jennings is just about the coolest guy ever!

Speaking of the end of the month... Tomorrow is ROUND UP TIME! Then I will post my own roundup on Monday and then I will get started on the new theme for next week.

I'm still thinking organization would be a fun subject for next week. :)


Have a wonderful weekend!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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