Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I'm happy to report that my site redesign is going well - I'm hoping to launch tomorrow and have my new store up and running! The latest it will be is Friday so watch the ol' blog here to find out more.

My doctor's visit went well yesterday. I always dread doing the yearly check up thing but I feel good knowing that I did something to take care of myself. That is what my next art journal is going to focus on...once I get to it! LOL! I am going to do it - just really want to get my new site off the ground first.

I've had a great response to the April Month of Memories and I received several more orders last night. I just want to remind you that you can still order it on this page.

Ok, on to the tag.....

The ultra talented designer Kim Hill of CG Essentials "tagged" me with this great idea for a blog entry. I would encourage everyone who reads this to take a minute and do this for a friend or family member because

#1 - it will make their day
#2 - instant scrapbook page journaling!

I will tag a few of my online buddies to do it also just so this fun little thing spreads like it should.

So here's what I'm supposed to do. I pick a friend and post five things about her/him, and then tag other people to do the same.

Best Friends 1

Here are five things about Kathy (my Mom) - a Mom can be a friend and I'm lucky that mine is!

1. She was always there for me.
Literally and emotionally.
I love that my Mom didn't work outside the home because she was always available to me.

2. She has probably had the most unique mothering career that I have ever heard of.
I was born when she was 22. After 12 years of fertility struggles and futile attempts to adopt, she miraculously became pregnant with my younger brother Michael. Then 7 years later (I was 19 by this time,) my parent's adopted my brother Zachary from Korea when he was 4 months old. Are you following all of this? Pretty amazing if you are! My mom has basically had 3 separate families and has been a great mother to each one of us.

3. She's got a wonderful sense of humor.
We laugh all the time about silly lines from Seinfeld and Friends. We can practically speak in code this way and I'm sure it drives my Dad and Husband crazy when we do this.

4. She's has a great thirst for information and is always up on current events.
She reads several newspapers a day and she usually is the one that tells me what is going on in the outside world. She always stays informed and always votes - but her candidates rarely win! She taught me it was ok to go against the grain and stand up for what you believe in.

5. She's very hip - much more so than I am.
She's no typical "grandma"... the woman owns about 5 pair of crocs, has way more scrapbooking supplies than I do, watches the cool tv shows, and finds great blogs all the time to tell me about. And she has even dabbled in digital scrapbooking - pretty cool I tell you! Oh, and man can she shop! I can't keep up with her!

Now for my tags....I feel a little guilty doing this to you all because I know you are each so busy!

Trish Jones

Ashley Olson

Jenn aka "scraprascal"

Scrappin Kay - love the name of her blog "Hunapuke Kaikamahine which means - Scrapbook Girl

Miss Kim

Ok, I'm off to do my computer geek stuff!


Katie the Scrapbook Lady



Trish said...

I love being tagged :) Makes me feel special hehe. I will do this tomorrow, as its pretty late and I should be in bed and it will give me time to think about who to do it about :)
Ty Katie :)
Your mum sounds like one neat lady.

Jenn said...

Awwww...I loved reading about your mom, she sounds wonderful! Thanks for the tag, that will be my post for tomorrow! :)

scrappinkay said...

You tagged me!!! I feel so special. I'll start working on my tag. Think I'll do my mom as well.