Thursday, April 27, 2006

This is what it is all about

Kitty 1

Jen Caputo, one of my design team members, created a layout that just blew me away. She has kindly given me permission to post it here to share with my blog readers.

I just love what she had to say about this:

I was looking through Katie the Scrapbooklady's May Amazing Month of Memories and saw that there is a "No Diet Day" in May. The purpose of the day is to have people just feel good about themselves and their image for one day. It made me think of the Dove commercial for their Campaign for Real Beauty. It has moved me to the point of tears and I really needed to scrap it to let all the woman in my life know that they are beautiful. Writing is not my strong suit so even though I haven't included a ton of journaling, it was a huge stretch for me. You can see the commercial at - bring a tissue.

Here is her layout and her journaling:

Posted at Scrapbook Bytes and Scrap Artist

Journaling: During the Superbowl, Dove ran a commercial featuring little kids singing Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’. Printed on the screen while the children were singing was each child’s personal fears. They read things like “thinks she’s ugly.”, “wishes she was blonde”, “afraid she’s fat”, and “hates her freckles”. According to their website, 92% of girls want to change something about themselves - 92 percent! Everytime I watch this commercial my eyes well up with tears because I know I’m one of those statistics. And so are all the women that I love. Dove wants us to change our minds, all 92% of us. Because every girl deserves to feel good about herself.

Ok, is that powerful or what! I literally got the chills over this one and I'm in that 92% group also. I bet most of us are.

This is what scrapbooking is about for me. Being able to express your feelings so profoundly on a little square piece of paper. Sharing pictures and thoughts that make an impact on the people you love. Sometimes, even a whole bunch of people that you hardly know. A page like this becomes more than a layout; it can be a mission statement, a paradigm shift, an epiphany!

This is also what the Amazing Month of Memories is all about for me. This is what I love about it. If something I wrote can inspire someone to reach inside of themselves and produce a geniune and amazing creation, one that I believe has been inside of the artist all along... then I couldn't ask for anything better than that!

Do you know what else I love? I'm seeing layouts about the "stuff" of everyday life. People who have scrapbooked with the Amazing Month of Memories ideas have said that their scrapbooking has changed. They are looking at life with new eyes and they are enjoying the "little things" even more.

I sincerely thank those who have made this into something big, something wonderful, and something truly inspiring!

Kitty 4

Thanks Jen for letting me share your amazing layout here.

Katie the Scrapbook Lady



Funky Finds said...

Thanks for sharing Jen's layout! What a wonderful message...a great layout. I recently started working out & (semi) dieting again. Not so much b/c I don't like how I look (ok, that might not be the "complete" truth), but moreso to be healthier & live a long, good life. But I'd venture to say it's more like 100% of women/girls want to change at least one thing about themselves! Thanks for the reminder to love myself for who I am!!!

Maegan said...

I totally agree Katie. I love scrapbooking daily life...the things that my kids and grandkids can look back on and get a picture of who I was and who are family is. That is what it is all about. (Holidays are fun too though). :)