Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Those thieves stole my blood!

When my son was 5, life was not very easy for him. And on top of it all, his doctor wanted him to be tested for Fragile X which is sometimes present in (mainly boys) with autism. That meant a blood test and I simply couldn't see how anyone was going to get blood out of that little guy.

It was even more traumatic then I imagined and it literally took 3 full sized adults to hold the poor little guy down. (I can hardly bear to think of it even now!) Well needless to say he was VERY mad by the time we were done. I had to drag him out of the hospital kicking and screaming and the entire way out to the car he yelled this phrase at the top of his lungs..."THOSE THIEVES STOLE MY BLOOD!!!" I'm sure we got a lot of interesting looks, but I wouldn't know because it was one of those moments in life where I used my special "I can't see anyone skills" and I just plowed on toward the car.

To this day whenever I give blood (or anyone else does for that matter) this phrase goes through my head!

Now that he is 12, he can have his blood taken without much trauma at all - as long as the reward is right. He is one smart cookie so he knows how to work the system. Fortunately, we haven't had to do a lot of blood tests since then.

Why am I rambling about blood today? If you read my blog entry yesterday you know that I was "robbed" of my blood yesterday. No big deal really, just some routine tests. Turns out the glucose is a little high so they want me to retest in a few months. I guess I have some triglyceride trouble and my good cholesterol (HDL) is too low. Nothing too serious though. But for some reason I have hardly been able to function since last night. I am literally exhausted and haven't been able to do much today at all. I feel sort of wimpy admitting that, I mean it shouldn't be that big deal. I swear that "those thieves" took too much of my red stuff and they must have taken the good scrapbooking blood because I've have no creativity flowing through my veins today!

Falling Asleep

So the big organization post I had planned will have to wait until tomorrow. The good news is that my quotes were mostly done so be watching for a sale on a "Mega May" pack of quotes tomorrow!

Darn those thieves!


Katie the Scrapbook Lady

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