Friday, May 26, 2006

Alex's favorite layout

The new theme on Photo Friday this week is "Home" which is just perfect for the pictures I have been wanting to scrap lately. I am having fun documenting my children's rooms through photos and I know these are memories they will cherish.

Been working on my son's room this week because I have had maps on the mind. I love his room because it is like a living scrapbook. Full of memorabilia and collections.


Today we had a lot of fun taking inventory in my son's room! Check it out:

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Not sure if I should be publicly admitting the amount of OCD that is prevalent in our house! LOL! My son's large collections represent years of obsessions, gifts, and mostly rewards for all the point systems that have motivated him throughout the years. He loves all of this stuff and he and I had SOOOO much fun counting all of these things this morning. He is ready to do the rest of the house now! LOL!

Font is shorthand.

Thanks for looking - Alex is so excited about this layout because he helped me a lot with it. If you get a minute to leave a comment about it I know he would think that was really neat!


Hope you all have a happy weekend!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady



Queue_t said...

I adore this layout!!

I have a real thing for street signs and licence plates myself, my family of origin has always had vanity plates. I Have vanity paltes- a picture of them is on my blog as the banner. they say queue_t my nick name. ( stands for cutie!:))

great job on counting and making that layout together.

donmoblue said...

Well, Alex, count me among the admirers of your room and collections! I am really impressed, especially because your Mom says that a lot of your items came as rewards for doing well. WOW! Just the idea that you could fill WALLS with evidence that you're great at doing what you're supposed to do knocks my socks off! I am a Mom myself, and I know how proud you must feel every time you look around this room, as well as how proud your Mom is of you. I LOVE the idea of collecting things that represent travel! I wonder if your goal is to go to all of the places for which you have license tags and post cards? Personally, I think that people who collect things get more out of life than those who don't. There is always something to wish for, yes, but to be surrounded everyday by things that you love makes you feel rich. Do you know what else impresses me? How neat your room is!!! Come on, be honest, did you straighten it up for the photos? Even if you did, it is amazing. Everything has its own place and it is so organized!

I'm happy that your Mom gave us a peek into your room today. It makes me want to go and count all of my favorite things too!


Brenda said...

That sure is a lot of Signs Alex. Great for you! And you did a great job helping your Mom with this LO! Thanks for sharing your room with us.

Fish Mama said...

Alex and Katie....
I LOVE this layout. You did a great job helping your mom with this!

Maggie said...

I luv this lo, but most of all I luv all his accomplishments and collections.
You are my kind of collector. I collect post cards of every city I've ever been into.
Have a great week,
Keep up the good work,
God Bless