Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blogging about Blogging!

Mother's Day Teddy

My mom has jumped into the world of blogging (so proud of her!) She has started a private family blog to share things within our small, but geographically challenged family. That gave me the idea for this week's blog theme: BLOGS!

Blogging isn't for everyone, especially a public blog like this one. But I do think that keeping a journal is very important and a blog is a great way to do this. It also makes it very easy to add pictures, links, and other fun things to share with your readers, however many there are.

First of all, what is a blog? Blog is short for "web log" which is an online journal that is updated frequently.

Here are some interesting statistics about blogs:

Rate at which the number of blogs have doubled in size over the last three years, according to Technorati: every 6 months

Number of new Weblogs created every day: 75,000

Percentage of bloggers who still maintain their blogs with new posts after three months of blogging: 55

Source: Technorati.


I use blogger which is a free tool from Google. Many scrapbookers seem to favor typepad because you can have mulitple pages to your blog and a few other features. I didn't want to pay for my blog as I already plunk down a significant amount of change each month for my website. Plus, I think I've figured out enough about blogger to make it just as functional as a typepad blog. There are other services out there, so you can do a web search for "free blogs" if you are interested. I did try a few others before settling on blogger and I did not like them nearly as much.

The first things you should consider are:

Who do you want to read your blog? Will it be public or private?

What is the purpose of your blog? Why do you want one?

What do you want to post about? Do you have a theme? Or will it be more about your daily life as it unfolds? Or both?

How often would you like to post entries?

Are you aware of privacy and safety issues? (see below.)

Privacy issues:

Even if your blog is not publicized, technically anyone can find it and read it so take certain precautions (these also apply to posting layouts online) to protect yourself and others.

NEVER post your address, phone number, or highly personal information like the exact locations that you hang out at or work at or where your kids go to school or hang out!

Don't post pictures of questionable content or use offensive or explicit language. This isn't just a matter of not offending your readers, but of who you will attract. Think about who does a websearch for those kind of topics...do you really want them reading your blog and seeing pictures of your kids? Speaking of kids, please be careful about including pictures of them in the tub or scantily dressed. While these may be innocent pictures, there are some very yucky people in the world who will find other uses for them.

If you post a picture of someone else - be sure you have their permission, especially on a public blog. Remember my blog shy brother? I had to respect his wishes for privacy so I covered his face in the layout I posted.

I am not sure if some blogs can be password protected? If you don't want your blog to be easily found then make sure you do not publish a RSS feed. I personally love blogs with RSS feeds (mine has one) because then they can be added to my bloglines reader, but if you don't want non-invited readers do not publish one. In blogger you can turn the RSS feed on or off under setings.

That is probably enough blog stuff to think about for today! I will post more tomorrow.


One of my favorite things about having a blog is being able to share pictures and layouts with my readers. So I am going to share my latest layouts with you before signing off.

Posted at 2Peas, Sweet Shoppe and Digi Chick

Posted at 2Peas, Sweet Shoppe and Digi Chick

Posted at 2Peas, Sweet Shoppe and Digi Chick


Hope you have a happy day!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady



Deanna said...

wonderful Explanation of BlogS!!1

just wanted to stop in and say hello! This is Deanna from KristinCB's Ct team...Im trying to find everyones blog..and leave them a cheery note!

have a great week!

Maegan said...

Very good information about blogging Katie. I am shocked sometimes about the information people willingly put out here for everyone to see.

I actually have three blogs. One for just my family, one for Zoƫ (that way people that don't really care about every brilliant thing she does don't have to read it) and one just for me and my scrapbooking (same reason, many of my family members really don't care). It really is quite addicting!