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Want to see some really amazing photography? I just love photos of children anyway and this site has some really beautiful portraits! Check it out at

Another one of my blog buddies has a great freebie up to share. This one is from Maggie and the colors are some of my favorites. Thanks Maggie!


I had some requests for my recipe for chicken burritos so I thought I would share it here. It is not really a recipe as much as an ingredient list, but that is often how I cook. I have some VERY picky children so I need to make food that everyone can customize to their own liking. My daughter is a vegetarian. She's only 9, but she made the decision years ago because of her love for animals. I can't convince her to change and I respect her choice. However, she really is more of a "selectetarian" as we call her because she doesn't like much!

My son has textural issues (usually a part of autism) and won't eat anything creamy or mixed together. He is a lot easier to cook for than my daughter is though which I never thought would be the case. He doesn't eat a wide variety of food and he can't stand mexican food, casseroles, or other "suspicious" foods LOL! He LOVES pasta and could eat it at every meal. He never has sauce, just butter and parmesan cheese. Every time! He also is crazy about steak, bacon, and sausage so you can imagine how that goes over with the Veggie Chick! Could they be more different? Thankfully, he loves fruit and a lot of veggies so that helps.

Most nights I try to find a happy medium, but sometimes we have a meal that I know one of them will hate and they have to have something else like leftovers. Some people have the rule that you eat what is put in front of you or else, but I really can't see that working around here. My son would probably actually throw up if I forced him to drink milk and it would scar him (and us) for life! How do I know? We had an occupational therapist who made us push the point enough that I can vouch for it. It is important to try and get kids with textural issues to get past them so they can have a well-balanced life, but there comes a point where you also have to live in peace and some battles are not worth fighting every day for years on end.

Bet you didn't know you would get all of this by asking me to share a recipe? I guess I'm a little chatty today or something.

So here's the rundown on the Chicken Burritos:

Diced or shredded cooked chicken breast. If I feel ambitious I grill it, or even slow cook it and shred it just before serving. Yesterday I decided to take the easy route and I used Louis Rich grilled chicken strips. They are good, but kind of expensive unless you buy a big pack at Costco (which I do.)

Flour tortillas

shredded cheese (we like cheddar and/or Monterey Jack)

Diced tomatoes

shredded lettuce

Fresh Pico de Gallo (I love this stuff! and I always buy a container of it in the produce section)

Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans

S& W San Antonio Style beans (yummy)


Sour Cream

Spanish Rice (I usually just use the Lipton instant packets)


Everyone can lay out their own tortilla and fill with the meat, cheese, rice & beans of their choice. Then the plate goes in the microwave for about 90 seconds till it is all heated and bubbly. They get to add the other ingredients and roll into burritos. This is always a filling meal and there is very little cooking involved so it is nice on a hot day.

My favorite way to serve these burritos is to use pork instead. This is what I do for company (or I'll offer both options) and I served this to my in-laws on our vacation last week.

Put boneless country style pork spareribs in the crockpot in the morning with about 1 cup of water. Cook all day on low heat. Drain off excess liquid and shred pork using 2 forks just before serving. I don't use any spices but I'm sure you could jazz it up a bit if you wanted. This always gets rave reviews and the pork is so tender this way!

Mariachi Band

So there you have of the famous "build your own dinners" that we live off of. I will try to share more on the blog so you can hopefully get some recipe ideas. I know my worst task of the day is deciding what to have for dinner so maybe it will help inspire me if I share some details with all of you.

What's on tonight's menu? I have been in the mood for barbequed hamburgers ever since I wrote about BBQ month in the May issue of An Amazing Month of Memories. We love them with Famous Dave's BBQ sauce (yum!) and I bought a bag of the kids favorite potato chips (Lay's Dill Pickle- uugh!) and some corn on the cob also.


Speaking of the month of memories.... June's issue will be ready on Tuesday the 30th. I usually try and have it published on the 25th which is today, but I fell behind this month because of my vacation and I thought it might be nice to get Memorial Day weekend out of the way first.

I'm sure you know by now that you want to be here the day it is published!

Good stuff in June's issue - I'm having a ton of fun putting it together!

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