Thursday, May 04, 2006

Organization - weeding!

Just a few notes to start off with:

I finished my entry for the ultimate digi scrapper contest. We can't post the layout anywhere but the gallery for the contest, but we can post a link to the layout if anyone wants to go look and/or leave feedback. I think you need to be a registered user to leave feedback, but I believe that anyone can view the layout? Here's the link to my layout.

Also had some great comments on my blog entry yesterday that I wanted to share.

Amy K said "Thank you for the Picasa web page idea! I have all my previews saved in separate folders for which CD they are in, but never knew about this wonderful option for viewing. Awesome!

And just a little FYI - having more than 500 fonts installed in your computer at once can significantly slow down your processes. I keep a folder where I look at my fonts, and only install the ones I know I will be using. Thanks for the great tools!"

Amy, I'm so glad you mentioned that about the fonts! For some reason this never dawned on me and I really should weed out a lot of the fonts I never use. Thanks so much!!!

Kristin said " For what its worth, I think its cheaper to print out photos at places like costco rather than at home anyways. I don't think printers are economical in terms of cost, they are convenient yes but I don't think you'd save money in the end, after buying the printer etc. I gave up buying ink for my printer and i'm just going to send to an online photo service from now on (both for layouts and for photos)."

Kristin - I totally agree! I thought about printers all day and went and looked at several. I started thinking about cartridge cost and photo paper cost and I really think it ends up being just as expensive or more than professional printing. Plus I really like the way they turn out from Costco. There is something about home printing that just isn't quite there for me. I had officially changed my mind and then came home to read your comment and that helped confirm that it was the right decision. Thanks so much!

Smiley Hedge

So today's organization topic is WEEDING! I'm not talking yardwork stuff here, although I have enough weeding to do to keep me busy for a week. What I'm talking about here is weeding through the extra stuff that is bogging you down. When Amy brought up the font issue above, I knew it fit perfectly with what I wanted to post about today. I've been thinking about this alot lately.

Whether you are a paper scrapper or a digital scrapper, there seems to be a natural process we all go through. After we have our initial discovery that we love scrapbooking, we seem to go through a frenzied collection period. Like a squirrel gathering nuts, we collect tools and supplies like crazy, often without really understanding our own style yet.

I did this as a paper scrapper and I have an enormous amount of "stuff" to prove it. I also did this as a digital scrappper and I have a bursting hard drive and a lot of cd backups to prove it.

In both cases trends have changed, and I have changed. There are supplies I will never use and I need to get rid of. Sure, I could hang on to them forever in hopes that I will use them, but even if you have the storage space, the mental burden of having all that "stuff" you will never use just weighs on you. Physically, you spend more time moving around and organizing products than you will ever spend using them. Digitally, it slows down your hard drive (as in the case of my excessive collection of fonts) and it takes longer to find what you want.

I did the same thing when I found blogs. I use the bloglines reader and I just added every blog from ever scrapbooker. Recently I have started deleting blogs that don't give me regular and useful content. I just don't have the time to wade through all that information every day. I'm going to narrow it down to a handful of useful and interesting blogs. I'll be weeding my bloglines and my fonts today, just like I need to weed my yard - but I think I will still put that one off for a day or two! LOL!

In The Garbage

This same principle can be applied to life in general. When you have to many possesions, you spend all your time managing them. When you have too much to do, you often end up chasing yourself in circles trying to keep them all straight. It is a balance that we need and we are all always striving to achieve it.

So whether you are thinking about a paper collection, your closet, your refrigerator, or your hard drive... clear some space today and do some weeding. You will feel lighter because of it and you will feel more able to be creative as a result!

Bike Riding

Happy Weeding!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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