Saturday, May 20, 2006

Random Scrapbook Lady Stuff

How's that for a clever blog entry title? That really is what this post will be though. Remember my 374 emails from the other day. My inbox is now down to 53 messages and they are all things that I need to take action on in some way. Some of them are simply items I want to keep track of or share here so it seems like Saturday is a good day for that. I will be cleaning my house and yard today, so why not my inbox also?!

Random item #1 -

Skunk Raccoon Hedgehog

We went to see "Over the Hedge" last night and it was hilarious! I totally recommend it and I'm always so happy when a movie comes out that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Random item #2-

I found these cute elements at Designer Digitals today and decided I "needed" to add them to my collection. Love the tape collection! Also picked up these cute frames and some fun metal accents.

Random item #3 -

I picked up a copy of Digital Scrapbooking 5 a week ago and took it with me on vacation. It was fun to see alot of my digi friends in print and I'm always thrilled to have a new magazine, especially one for digital scrapbooking. Now don't get mad here but I'm going to give an honest review. I actually liked the last 2 issues better. Now, this is NOT because they didn't accept any of my entries, although I wish they would have! LOL! No sour grapes here.


I thought that many of the pages seemed fuzzy and dark and the overall layout was not as pleasing. Too critical? Well, it is a digital scrapbooking magazine so I would expect they would really focus on quality issues like that. I also thought the articles were not as good as previous issues. Perhaps I've grown enough as a digital scrapper that I expect more? Who knows? If anyone else is noticing the same stuff I am on this I would love to know. I'm not trying to be mean - so don't send me nasty comments over this - LOL! I know a lot of hard work went into this issue, and there are many wonderful layouts and ideas. Just some observations and opinions.

I love the free digital downloads - especially the one by Tia Bennet!

In my opinion, Simple Scrapbooks should make this a regular publication complete with subscribing options. I can see that they could easily publish 4-6 issues a year. If you look at all the amazing talent online, you will know that there would be plenty of great pages and articles available! Hmmm... maybe I will send them an email today.

I Love You Email

You can email them also by using this link.

Random item #4 -

Still on the subject of Simple Scrapbooks - I am very excited about this upcoming book! Don't you think this book is a result of all the blog quizzes and tags that go around? What a great idea!

I really do believe that blogging is changing the world. Seem like a bold statement? I don't think so. We can be in touch with people around the world and share ideas like never before in the history of man. It is also just a really cool way to use your creativity and keep track of life in general.

Random item #5 -

I did another layout last night. Just a simple one, but sometimes those are the most fun to do!

Kristin Cronin-Barrow's Sunny Sunrise Kit at the Digi Chick.
Brush Script MT font

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Pretty random stuff today. Hope you all have a happy Saturday!


Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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