Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Week #7 is up and more on blogging

Because of all the National Scrapbook Day activities at Scrapbook Bytes, this week's Amazing Month of Memories challenge was posted a little late. However, Amy has graciously given us all until next Wednesday to complete the 5 challenges based on my ebook series. I'm really excited about these so I need to hurry up and get scrapping since I'm leaving town on Friday!

If you still need to order your May copy of an Amazing Month of Memories, be sure to do it soon, because I'm not going to be able to process orders from Friday morning (May 12) until next Wednesday (May 17). I'm going to be without a computer and without internet for 6 days (GASP!) while I am on vacation with my inlaws. I might go through serious withdrawals!!! I will post a reminder on my blog while I'm gone, but I'm afraid that you will have to go without the daily scraps from the "Scrapbook Lady" for a few days this month - sorry!

So here's the link if you want to order May's issue before I go:

Link to Katie's Shop

I do plan to post tomorrow and Friday so I will be able to finish up my theme of blogging.


Today, I wanted to point out some great resources to look over if you have a blog, or if you are considering getting into the blog world. I believe that scrapbookers in general have been quicker to embrace blogs because of their love of journaling and sharing memories. Still, there are many people who look at you like you are speaking a foreign language when you start talking about blogs.

There is no way I can be a complete resource on blogging - I just know what I have figured out by trial and error. I actually had another blog before this one. If you want to see my old blog you can check it out at
-there will be a lot of out of date links, but you can see where I started.

I didn't know where to look for information on blogging at first, and in the last 8 months there have been a lot of developments in blogging and a lot more information. Funny how fast it changes!

Here's some good stuff to check out:

Always check the help feature on your blogging system - lots of FAQs and other goo info there.

Michelle of Scrap Rants fame has recently been working on a series about blogging. Really comprehensive and useful information!

Wikipedia Blog info


I've shared some of my tips for blogs before, but it is worth repeating some of them.

#1 - Make sure your blog is readable! Do not use bright, dark, or busy backgrounds - it is just too hard on the eyes. Even if you use white text against a plain back backround, it is more difficult to read than the traditional black text on a white background.

#2 - Enable comments to make your blog interactive. But turn on word verification (under settings) or you will be suprised by spamming comments that offer your readers info on enlarging things that most of them don't even have! LOL!

#3 - Post regularly. If you are sharing your blog with more than just your family, make it interesting by keeping it current. Even a private blog should be added to on a regular basis...after all, why did you start blogging in the first place?

Tomorrow I will post about how to add your own style to your blog. After all, you are a creative person, why shouldn't your blog reflect that?

Well, I'm off to scrap. I took both of my kids to the zoo today and we had a lot of fun. (Monday's trip got cancelled) so I could use some quiet time now.


Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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