Thursday, June 01, 2006

Katie's May Roundup

May was a good month for our family so this roundup was a fun one.

Mechanical Bull

I printed out all my blog entries for the month. I opened up each entry and then copied and pasted it into a Word document which worked out really nicely. It even copied my smiley icons which is very important! Now I think I will just do that each day after I post and then print the whole file out at the end of the month. Nice to have a hard copy because this is the closest I have come to keeping a daily journal since I was in 2nd grade and wrote in a notebook nightly "I ate such and such for lunch. I had fun."

After printing out my blog entries and looking at my calendar for the month, it was easy to round up my memories.

Katie the Scrapbook Lady's May 2006


I started a new program for our family this month – we are calling it “Genius of the Month” and we spent the month learning neat things about our selected “genius.” We will rotate taking turns picking the subject and this month was my turn so I picked Leonardo da Vinci. Of course I became interested in him when I read the Da Vinci code awhile back, but my true respect for his genius solidified when I discovered How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael J. Gelb. I just love this book!

I also have been studying the Everything Da Vinci Book which has been interesting. I started re-reading The Da Vinci Code and this time I have been enjoying the special illustrated edition. When I read it last time I kept trying to picture the places and art that were discussed in the book so it is fun to have pictures to refer to.

I also read Mary Higgins Clark's No Place Like Home which was a fun and easy read. One of her better books.

Did some research by reading Homeschool Your Child for Free - a great book for homeschoolers (I will be homeschooling my son soon.)

I did look through Digital Scrapbooking 5 and Cathy Z’s new book briefly but I really haven’t read any other magazines or scrapbook related stuff lately.

Movies & Television:

I feel like I watched a ton of movies this month and I guess by my usual standards I really did! Watched a lot of movies on vacation so that pumped up the total for sure.

Nanny McPhee - cute
Elizabethown - cute actor (Orlando Bloom)
Fantastic Four - didn't like this one
The Family Stone - only saw last half but it was interesting
Hoodwinked - really clever and cute kid's movie.
Just Friends - fun to watch with my SIL and BIL

Went to the movie theater with my kids and hubby to see Over the Hedge. Totally funny movie! We went on opening night of the movie on opening night for a new theater so it was quite the event!

I watched some Friends reruns which always make me laugh. Can't think of any other tv shows that I watched.

Star 9

Special Days Celebrated:

Vacation with my in-laws to Bear Lake

Nephew's 3rd birthday party

Happy Birthday

Went to the zoo with my kids - we had a great time!

Special Purchases:

One of the more expensive months of our lives! We had 7 trees planted in our yard (who knew trees were soooo expensive?) and we had a fence put in. I also got a brand new laptop computer. I earned most of the money for that but hubby chipped in the last $250 I needed so I didn't have to wait any longer.


Accomplishments & Dissapointments:

My only real dissapointment was the hideous highlight job I had done on my hair. Really bad - so bad, that there will not be pictures posted here. LOL! I'm still working on getting my haircolor right again and I have colored it myself 3 times since trying to get it right. It really is amazing I have any hair left at all!


A good month all in all. No sickness and really no big problems. If the worst thing that happened to me all month was a bad hair color, I'm pretty lucky aren't I?!

Good stuff that happened -

I was invited to join Kristin Cronin-Barrow's creative team.

I continued on with my other creative team assignments for Trish Jones, Mindy Terasawa and Ashley Olson. I'm so lucky to be able to rub shoulders with such talented (and nice!) designers. I love being part of their teams!

My blog was featured on Ali Edward's blog - yay me! Ali is such an inspiration and she has done so much for autism awareness by being willing to share Simon's story with others.

I made it through the first 2 rounds of the Ultimate Digi Scrapper contest.

I completed 18 digital layouts.

I wrote the June issue of the Amazing Month of Memories and also designed a companion quote pack.

I spent a lot of time with my kids and husband doing fun things together.

I got 2 rooms of my basement completely cleaned out and ready to be framed.

I finally got the hang of using my Wacom tablet.

Finally, I like to round up my stats for the month. Kind of a fun thing to do.

Scrapbook Lady Stats:

As of May 31st - I've now had 26,371 blog visitors. - I had 4000 visitors in May alone!

My website has had a total of 328,552 visitors.

My newsletter has 3,004 subscribers.

I'm excited for June and ready to scrap - how about you?

Use this roundup tool to plan the month ahead and make some amazing memories!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


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