Friday, June 02, 2006

Photo Friday

This week's Photo Friday prompt is "NEW" and the first thing that popped into my mind was my new baby...

I think she's a beauty!

I also realized as I was posting my roundup last night (see next entry) that I never posted my last 3 layouts from the month of May here on my blog. So here they are:

Posted at 2Peas, Digi Chick & SBB. Trish Jones Eve Tide papers and elements.

Posted at 2Peas, Digi Chick & SBB. Trish Jones Eve Tide papers and elements. At first glance this kit seemed "girlish" but it worked out great for a guy layout also!

This is very simple, but it may be one of my favorite layouts ever. This picture was just not that exciting originally. The colors were faded and it wasn't cropped very well - yucky old basement fireplace in the background. But with a scanner and a little clean up, the subject just shines now. Can't believe my baby is 9 now when it seems like just yesterday she was a little toddler giving Daddy a kiss!

Posted at 2Peas, Digi Chick & SBB. Trish Jones Fresh Dreams Kit (quote) and border is a photo edge freebie from Trish Jones' blog.

I am off to work on answering emails and trying to get my house clean again. The end of the month is very busy for me and now that June is underway I feel like I can get a grip again. (If that is ever possible - LOL!)

Making The BedWashing DishesCleaning The Toilet

We watched the spelling bee finals last night and I thought it was so neat that the top 3 finalists were all girls! We made a big deal of that in front of our daughter and she thought it was really cool also. I am in awe of all those kids who did such a great job!


I'm working on the June freebie and also some other good stuff so you may want to check back later today.

Katie the Scrapbook Lady


Anonymous said...

I liked your scrapbook lady. It revealed to me some ideas to write about. So, you have your own reason to be that creative phoenix.

Maggie said...

OOh I luv the idea of learning about a genius a month. Will go explore the Bookstore. Thanks for all the ideas.
Have a great weekend,